Hello, everyone!

I haven’t written much on here but get so much out of reading everyone else’s posts, so I wanted to share:
Today I hit 197— down 48 pounds since mid July! (To clarify, I am a 5’6" female in my 40s.) I AM SO HAPPY!! Still more to go, but I can see an end point now. I am in normal sized clothing and I actually like getting dressed every day. I feel like a different person in so many ways.

My weight loss has been fast and steady, which is kind of mind-blowing, actually. I didn’t expect that at all. I did hit a one-month stall, but I was traveling almost constantly during that time so I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t cheat, but I just wasn’t in my normal routine, and things always seem wonky with my body when I travel.

Anyway! I wanted to share and commemorate this milestone somehow. I have hit several milestones along the way and, instead of celebrating, I seem to always gloss over them and look towards the next goal. I didn’t want to do that this time.

Happy holidays, everyone!

(Jennibc) #2

Congratulations! I remember that feeling and I had tears in my eyes when I got below 200. It had been since 1997! Pat yourself on the back and keep going!


Well done. I’m really pleased for you.

(Jane) #4


Congratulations on your fantastic progress!!


Just hit 200.0 today. Down -55 since April. Haven’t been this “skinny” since 1989.

I feel your joy.

(Carl Keller) #6

Good job redpop! Keto is a life changer and it was definitely a suprise to me as well. :wink:

(Laurie) #7

Congratulations @redpop, and congratulations, @GentleBen. I hate to hit the 200 mark going up, so I imagine the Ones must look pretty good coming down!

(Kay baker) #8

Wow you should be very very proud and happy. As Casey Durango (go keto with Casey), says, “Keto is simple but its not easy”. As a new Keto novice I totally agree.

You have certainly earned the right to shout from the mountain tops…enjoy your success… hugs

(Jennibc) #10

Hang in there, it gets easier! Remember, your body is like no others so if you have to tweak things along the way to see results and feel better, do it! I find that I still lose if have small servings of fruit - like 80 grams of blueberries or cherries a few times a week with 50 grams of whole fat greek yogurt and about 10 grams of chopped almonds even if it bumps me up past 20 net carbs. Having those as ‘sweet treats’ makes this relatively easy for me. I am also still in ketosis.

(Kay baker) #11

I agree that the occasional little “small” treat cant hurt.
Thats what I call my little cheats. Thanks for your support, much appreciated.

(Jennibc) #12

Just make sure your little cheat doesn’t have added sugar or grain because a little cheat can set you back a week and that is very discouraging! And you end up feeling like crap for a couple of days following!

(Kay baker) #13

Thanks Jen. Sometimes (not often) one of my worst cheats is a teaspoon of jam, but it does settle that terrible craving. However I have noticed that the longer I stay on track the cravings are rare.

(Cat Gilliland) #14

Great job!