On Tim Noakes and Bullsh*t

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On Tim Noakes and Bullsh*t

Hysterical! Great read!

A while ago I decided to try the ‘Tim Noakes diet’. My mother died of Type-2 diabetes complications so you could say I was somewhat interested in nutritional cause and effect. I lost 6kg in 6 weeks. Felt great. Great until one of my wife’s friends came round and remarked how much better I was looking. Smugly I replied “Tim Noakes’ diet”. “What? No! I’m a registered dietitian, so don’t talk to me about Tim Noakes” she retorted. “Why not?” I worried asked, “I’ve lost 6 kilos since I cut out the carbs”. “Yes, of course you’ll lose weight”, she replied irritatedly, “Your body goes into ketoacidosis! And besides, I have read all of Tim Noakes’ clinical studies on the matter, and they are all very flaky and vague”.

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OMG. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: <— That’s a double face palm.

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Isn’t this all too common!?

I’m T2D and have been Keto for almost 1 year now, OK 11 months but I’m really excited for my First Keto-versary! :slight_smile: I’m giving up my Endocrinologist who has been treating my T2D since it was discovered almost 10years ago,… Why? During my last visit, my HbA1C was great, blood pressure, energy etc, all great. So he was ready to write me up for ‘more of the same’ meds, until I broke it to him that I didn’t need them anymore, no more mealtime meds, no more blood pressure meds, no thank you, I’m living the Keto lifestyle! He immediately reacted negatively to my choice, indicated “That diet is not good”. “Why?”, I asked. Here was his reply, 3 things: 1. Very difficult and inconvenient! 2. It will raise cholesterol (At which point, I immediately sent him studies on efficacy for lowering small dense LDL!). He chuckled and said, “You’ve really done your homework!”, and finally 3. “That diet is too high in protein!”. :man_facepalming:
With that I kindly wound up the meeting, and the relationship.

Now searching for a good Nutritionist/Doctor in Hong Kong to support my Keto lifestyle. More to follow! :slight_smile:

Staying the course!

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The medical community doesn’t like it because ot doesn’t keep us fat and sick!

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Because healthy “customers” hurt their profits.

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I had the same conversation with a diabetes educator and a dietitian. Nutritional ketosis is different to ketoacidosis and they just look.at you like you have two heads. They also have never seem to have heard of gluconeogenesis when you say you eat low carb and Don need the extra carbs they want to shove on you. So sad.

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My doctor - a young 43 year old American general practitioner - was very open to what I had to say about ketogenic eating, and fasting, and was impressed by weight loss and a lower A1C number. Still, it was quite “new” to him, even though his focus is “preventative medicine.”

I’ve known him over ten years and am convinced he’s really well-meaning, yet he still seems to be be very much a creature of his training, the existing “standard of care,” limiting potential liability, etc. - and I guess there are rational (if frustrating) reasons for all that. This is in the U.S. state with the highest rate of diabetes - West Virginia - however, and lord knows there is a need for improvement.

Really don’t think he is blind and stubborn, here, though, and I predict I’ll see him change his approach somewhat.