On keto for a month bad acne and stomach problems


(Mariana Nagi Nabeh) #1

Hi all i have been on keto for a month and have lost 15 pounds but i have got a lot of acne and last week my digestive hasn’t been good. I am not talking any supplements. How can i fix this

(less is more, more or less) #2

Hi Mariana,

There a lot of posts on acne and digestive issues here. Please use the search feature, as there are many established threads that look at this.


https://www.ketogenicforums.com/search?q=digestive (which is its own category)

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(Chris) #3

Keto is basically just a set of macros. You haven’t mentioned what foods you eat.

(Jay Patten) #4

Both of these will improve over time.

The first couple of months of keto gave me hella bad dry skin and daily runs. Both went away on their own.

FYI this is a normal complaint. Don’t worry about it!

(Carl Keller) #5

This. It might be easier if you tell us what you are eating, especially foods that are new to your way of eating.

(Chris) #6

How can you know it will improve? She could be eating a soy protein shake mixed with canola oil and a single raisin for all you know.

(Jay Patten) #7

This is an excellent point.

I said my statement with a assumption that it was a good keto diet.

(Jay Patten) #8

Assuming a well rounded keto diet with healthy fats and a good ratio of omega 3-6 fatty acids, the skin issue should clear up. Many people get “skin funk” and “poop funk” and “breath funk” when they first start out.

(Old Baconian) #9

I also understand that fat cells can store hormones and other chemicals as well as fat, and if this is the case, they can be a problem when they start to be released again. But as people have said, this is usually a temporary problem. Women also find that their monthly cycle can become disrupted when they start a ketogenic diet, and it can take a couple of months to re-regulate itself. You are not alone in experiencing these things, and you will find many useful threads about them on these forums.

(Mariana Nagi Nabeh) #10

I eat basicly chicken beef tuna avocado eggs nuts cheese greens low carb veggies olive oil and butter

(Chris) #11

Yeah, I understand fully. The problem is people get their information from all over the place, and they may only get a macro breakdown. Which is bad - there are tons of processed foods that people will still flock to because they are hyper-palatable, which is one of the major causes of overeating in the first place. :slight_smile:


I believe as you withdraw from carbs your gut flora changes (for the better) but there can be a transition time as you build up your better bacteria.

Most people report better skin but I can see how it may go the other way for a short time.

I think it’s a case of KCKO (keep calm keto on)

(Full Metal KETO AF) #13

About the skin, your skin is one of the ways you’re body gets rid of toxins, usually through sweat and as @PaulL mentioned toxins are stored in fatty tissue so as you start breaking down body fat they’re released. Make sure you’re drinking enough water and keep up salt intake as the water flushed sodium out.

(Dawn O Miller) #14

I developed really bad cystic acne and Keto rash when I started Keto. At the time I it didn’t connect that these could be related to my diet, and my dermatologist never asked what I was eating. I went on Spirolactone for the acne and took steroid cream for the rash, and over time both cleared up. I stopped using the cream like maybe a month after the rash broke out.

I am now on Carnivore diet for 3 months and I was able to wean myself off of the Spirolactone after a month in. I believe the Carnivore diet acts as an elimination diet, and I believe my body has a low tolerance for diary, nuts and certain fruits & vegetables. My skin is now clearer than it was before I went Keto. So far I know I need to avoid milk, yogurt, all nuts, avocados (I was really sad about that one) and certain green vegetables.

This has been my experience, hope it helps.


I went through a couple of weeks of my skin being a jerk after switching over. I figure, the major point if this way of eating is to metabolically transform your body into a whole other operating system, from glucose to ketones. That kind of hormonal jujitsu had to have some reverb and in my case it turned my face into a teenager for a bit. All clear now. Never really had the digestive issues though but I eat a little more veg than most and drink water and herbal tea in vast quantities. Like most things in this diet, it seems the best answer to most questions is to give it time to sort out on its own. Good luck! :smiley: