(Ethan) #1

I am officially back OFF my GERD medication (Zegerid/omeprazole)! I was able to do this the last time I was on the ketogenic woe. I lost my way, but am back permanently. This is a BIG deal!

At age 13, I thought I was having a heart attack. I had horrible, stabbing pains in my back at a friend’s house on a sleepover. I went to the doctor the next day after it had improved, and he diagnosed me with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Apparently, all of my hunger pains as a child were also GERD symptoms, not hunger pains. (I ate 23 bowls of cereal for breakfast once as a child because I thought it was hunger.) My doctor prescribed Pepcid, and I took it for about 10 years, when it stopped working. I switched to a few other medicines over about the next 5 years, but settled on Zegerid (omeprezole and bicarbonate), which I took at 40mg per day until I was diagnosed with T2DM and went keto.

I thought I was cured (of GERD and T2DM) and went low-carb. Things fell apart, and I had to start taking Zegerid again. In that time, I learned that I am actually very sensitive to garlic. If I eat fresh garlic, the stabbing pains are unbearable. However, garlic powder seems to not be so bad for me. Anyway, I went from 20mg once a day to 20mg twice a day until I went back to the keto way! I stopped taking the medicine as often and got to every other day. Switching to an alternate-day fasting routing helped that. Well, as of yesterday, I hadn’t taken the medication at all in a week! I think that means I am officially done with it!

(Ron) #2

I bet that is a great feeling! Congratulations. :+1:

(Dena) #3

Congratulations!! It is amazing what keto and fasting can do. I don’t have GERD officially but have always had issues with heartburn and fasting completely cured me. And as long as I don’t eat too much bacon keto works great as well. I’m so happy for you and glad you can get off all the medicine!

(Doug) #4

Great news, Ethan. Cheers, Man! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Susan) #5

My heartburn wasn’t a ‘why’ for me. Then, after 3 weeks on Keto, I cleaned out my purse and realized I hadn’t taken any tums (antacid) in weeks! I might stop carrying them around!

I’d taken Pepcid for about ten years and realized the lack of acid seemed to be preventing digestion and had gone through tons of personal experiments trying to figure out what, besides the rather consistent overeating, would prompt the problems. no luck really.

Maybe the offset of ditching medications is going to be having funds for higher quality foods!

(Campbell smith ) #6

Congrats it’s very good.I am very happy for you dear.

(Wendy) #7

Wonderful to hear! 3 weeks Keto n I just ran out of prevacid 3 days ago…I try to avoid acidic fruit (juice) so only reaction was like a minor burb when I used a bit of lime…I consider this a victory of my Keto journey. Thnx to this Forum and all who share.

(Laurie) #8

I never used to get it. I was starting to get it. Now, on keto 6 months and don’t have reflux any more.