OMG I am ploughing through new messages not missing anything

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It used to take me several hours every day on FaceBook to read new messages in the forum … just to make sure that I was apprised of what was going on in a forum in our name. Actually I gave up getting to every message back around 3,000 users. I’d almost burned out.

NOW it takes me a few minutes.

I have one of those gamer keyboards (sorry bout the smudges, and dirt - totally didn’t think about how that pic would look) with programmable keys.

I set up my G5 key to the sequence of characters “guj” which [G]oes to the list of [U]pdated posts, and selects the [J] next one.

I set up my G4 key to the sequence of characters “gnj” which [G]oes to the list of [N]ew posts, and selects the [J] next one.

So now to get to all the new posts I just hit G5read…G5read…G5read…ahh bliss

These only work on a PC and you can find the other short cuts with the [?] key when not in an editor.

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Wow. Totally geeking out. Awesome.

(Larry Lustig) #3

Just wait. . .

(Polly Bennett) #4

I’m doing a happy dance here!!!

(Meeping up the Science!) #5

nerd keyboard!

omg, why didn’t I think of this??


I’m thinking of getting a BT keyboard for my phone. Do they make one with programmable keys?

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(Richard Morris) #8

I had a look and couldn’t find any

(Meeping up the Science!) #9

Not usually. They do have solar BT keyboards that cost a bit more, however they never need batteries. I love my teeny one.

(Vesa McD) #10

You can get an otg(over the ground) usb adapter for a phone, and then plug in any usb keyboard into that, even a wireless computer keyboard that wouldn’t normally work on a phone. Slightly clunky though. If you can code it on your phone, you can use anything, even these programmable ones.

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Thanks! I just ordered one and I’ll see if it works with the keyboard I have. I am SO tired of typing on my phone. :cry:

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This is so cool. I’ve never been in a forum before, there’s so much to look at