Omega-6 plateau!


For anyone almost a year in keto and stuck in a plateau for more than cough 6 weeks cough, make sure you cut out the omega-6 as everyone has said. My lingering source was mainly salad dressings (ranch, blue cheese, caesar) that I used on salads or as dip for pork rinds/wings. All of them had soybean oil as one of the first three ingredients (even the olive oil labeled ranch dressing). Since cutting them out last week the plateau has broken.

So, what do you do then? Make your own dressing! Either olive oil/vinegar or dressings that use sour cream or greek yogurt. This greek yogurt is amazing:
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Look at that sweet fat content…careful with the carb/protein content. Its very creamy and not too sour like other plain yogurts. I use quarter to half of a cup and then add all the spices to it.

Before anyone freaks out about the trans fat (link):
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(VLC.MD) #2

I know. What a scam.
I bought olive oil greek feta. Looked at the label and it only has some olive oil.
Cheap companies.
I am going to make my own. Serves them right.

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That’s a very high carb content for greek yoghurt isn’t it?
The one I get here in the UK has 3.7g of carbs per 100g which translates to 8.325 per cup US style…