OMAD is my ticket

(Ruth) #1

I have been keto for 22 months. In the first 18 months, I lost 90 lbs., and that’s where I’ve been stuck. I go up 2 lbs, I go down 2 lbs., etc.

I have just realized this morning that I only lose weight now if I do OMAD. If I eat 2 meals a day, I maintain. On the RARE occasions I eat 3 meals in a day’s time, I gain.

Anyone else struggling with this?

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I think you have answered your own question. :thinking:

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OMAD is my jam. :heart_eyes:
I am certain if I ate oftener I would indeed stall or gain; the more often I eat, the hungrier I get.

I recently broke a stall by dropping cheese and vegetables as the cheese created cravings for MORE CHEESE. And the few carbs in the low carb vegetables I was eating were apparently too much for me; this after near two years and much weight loss. (60+lbs am now 116lb).

There are loads of OMAD folks who swear by it.

Far less hunger and no cravings for me this way. Plus the ease of it and the getting to gorge all at once is sweet.

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OMAD is great because I can use the money I didn’t spend on lunch and splurge on a really good steak for dinner. My wallet wins, my taste buds win and my scale loses.

(Ruth) #5

My dilemma comes in, because I follow Dr. Fung’s plan to reverse T2 diabetes, and he cautions against doing OMAD, every day.

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True but you also have n=1
OMAD works for you

Do you do lunch or dinner?

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@Keto6468 I don’t think you were replying to me but FWIW: I eat once 24/h at noon. Noon because it fits my sched/lifestyle, no other reason.

I eat the whole shebang in around 30-maybe 45 min (I’m baffled by the 20:4 crowd, how do they make one “meal” last 4h?), max. 24 actual hours, not 20:4 as some do. Now on a once/48h thing to get to goal but honestly I’m digging it so much I may stick to it even after. I’m digging it because I can gorge even more knowing it’s to last 48h (I shall cop to gluttony #noshame).

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@irishayes I know of him and he sounds brilliant. But I haven’t read much of his stuff, would you mind explaining why he states long term OMAD is contraindicated? Not disputing at all as the little I know about his work, makes me adore him (bucking accepted protocols to actually help his pts is rare for docs to do -too afraid-; I’ve worked with them for 27 years so I make that claim confidently).

I’m guessing he advises against from a compliance standpoint? Or does he state an efficacy reason?

(Ruth) #9

I believe it is because when eating OMAD you typically are not eating as many calories add your macros call for and can lead to messing up your metabolism. I think.

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OH right I have read that around this forum.

Everything is case by case; if he states so I shall infer that this is a common problem.

In my case however, the once/24h (now once/48h) worked/works awesomely; I have no problem gluttonously consuming adequate amounts in a v small window of time :grimacing: :pig: :bacon::bacon: :cut_of_meat:
I may be an outlier.

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I can do that a few days a week but not every day :smile:

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And it should be noted that you are a champion eater :smiley:

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@juice erm excuse me but I do this every day (well, until my recent 48h gig) so I claim the title of Champion of Gluttony and Bacchanalic Eating :trophy: sorry @safi

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No worries comrade - gives me something to aspire to :wink:

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#gorginglyf :heart_eyes: