OMAD fail

(Scott G) #1

I started doing the OMAD diet back on 1/2/24. Eating only 1 meal between 4pm and 6pm. Usually the same foods, or healthier than what i was eating. I did this M-F, and on weekends would eat normally. When i started, i was at 281 lbs, weighing myself every 2 weeks to not to get too discouraged if nothing changed, or instead to be shocked by the change during that time. Today was my second weigh in, and im still at the same weight. Why? what am i doing wrong? i feel like giving up, but i do admit that i do feel a lot better. i havent had heartburn in weeks, and can handle the hunger cravings now. I dont binge or eat more than i usually would during my eating window. Im at a loss for trying to figure out whether my body is slowing adjusting to this or if i need to go more extreme? Anyone have any advice for me? Im a 52 year old male. for the last 20 years ive been around 260-265. Ive tried the workout/gym regiment and that did absolutely nothing, so i wont be going back to that bc the willpower and drive just isnt there anymore. Short of trying OMAD every OTHER day, or just switching to buying lean quisine meals for my 1 meal a day, i dont know what else to try.


Did you lose fat eating the same in a bigger eating window? If not, I find the result pretty normal.

In my case, OMAD is enough (I just can’t do it often) as it lowers my food intake (usually way too much if my carbs are low, sadly and I don’t accept that). Some people say they need to quit sweeteners or dairy to get results… And there are many factors like stress, sleep that can interfere with fat-loss…

(KM) #3

What most of us find is that “extreme” is the exact wrong approach, severe calorie reduction leads the body to slow its metabolism as it starves. Eating a ketogenic diet has a lot of health benefits and that usually includes weight loss, it shouldn’t be necessary to starve yourself at all if you’re eating the right stuff! Could you tell us what you eat in a typical meal period, please? The food and an estimate of the amount of it.

(Edith) #4

I’m only guessing, but I think you may be stressing your body and therefore your body is clinging to its fat stores. How much and what are you eating during your feeding window? I’m guessing it is not enough food. Are you just intermittent fasting or are you also eating high fat low carb? Were you already keto previously and just started OMAD?

Please provide a few more details. :grinning:

(Allie) #5

I’m not keen on OMAD being used every single day, it’s too much of a stressor on the body and will likely result in a slowed metabolism which is exactly what you don’t want to happen.

(Geoffrey) #6

I don’t do OMAD on purpose, it just happens naturally for me. I eat animal fat, animal protein m, salt and water and I eat enough to be comfortable stuffed and satiated. I just don’t get hungry again until about 20 hours later.
So, what are you eating and how much. That may have something to do with your issue.

(MC) #7

What are you eating in your window?

(B Creighton) #8

You have to adjust your thinking from all the wrong-think society has taught you over the years. It is actually NOT calories that is the primary driver of fat loss. It is insulin - or lack thereof. My secret in keto is NOT to cut calories, but to eliminate carbs so as not to slow the metabolism while lowering insulin. With lower insulin, your body will

  1. first, burn through the stored glycogen for 3-5 days.
  2. When that is gone, the body will start burning fat. You do not need to reduce calories to do this, but simply eliminate the sources of carbs. Until the glycogen and carbs are gone, you will largely NOT burn fat - which is the only way to lose fat, unless you want to undergo the scalpel.

So, even though you have switched to OMAD, you tell us you have still been eating “usually the same foods.” I’m sure this is where you have gone wrong. You need to change WHAT you are eating rather than how MUCH you are eating for the most part. It sounds to me like you are not entering ketosis - which is our fat burning mode. That is the mode in which our liver will turn fat into ketones, and you will start to lose fat. You do not need to eliminate all carbs to enter ketosis, but will probably need to limit yourself to nor more than 50 gr of carb per day - I would start at 25 gr in your case. As long as you do this, my guess is you will be able to eat two meals per day and still lose fat. I did.


Working out at the gym never does nothing, unless it’s being undone with diet and you’re only focusing on scale weight, it’s literally impossible. Building muscle raises your RMR, and you burn more, that’s indisputable.

2hrs to eat and 1 meal, how much are you eating? Are you tracking? Very few people wouldn’t be forcing starvation at that point unless that’s a serious meal, and that would absolutely make your body hold what it has.

Fasting is a stress to the body, which means cortisol is up and losing becomes harder, as somebody that’s lowered their already bad metabolic rate, it’s the LAST thing you want to have to fix, took me over a year to undo it all. Putting on muscle, therefor raising your RMR and burning more everyday while not over (or under) eating is the key.