OMAD - does it have to be Keto?

(I am one failed diet away from trying Meth) #21

That has been my experience as well. OMAD with keto feels comfortable and natural, OMAD without keto feels like a slightly less uncomfortable version of binge eating junk and upsets my sleep cycles and how I feel in general.

(April Harkness) #22

I am on my 3rd week of omad. I do it daily. I used to do Eat Stop Eat back in 2012, where I would fast 24 hrs one day a week and boy was it HAARD! But I wasn’t doing keto. I didn’t know any better. Broke my fast with a pasta dish or rice and chicken.

I since discovered dfferent ways of fasting that suited me- 16:8 and that was more natural for me. I did that even before keto. When I discovered keto, fasting just was much easier. And OMAD even more so. Before Eat Stop Eat was difficult. On my 3rd week of OMAd with keto…the difference is amazing. I also no longer suffer bloat on Omad. I did on 16:8. currently I am thriving on daily OMAD. But things happen. I will go back to 16:8 if I feel the need. I like having different tools in the box. What I will always do…even if my fasting regime changes …I will keep it keto.