OMAD and Binge

(Jay Patten) #21


I think you have a solid plan. I have done exactly that in the past. Finish up what you have and just don’t buy any more.

As far as dessert, I will melt a couple of pieces of unsweetened bakers chocolate into a jar of coconut butter and pour them into a silicone candy mold & freeze. The coconut butter is just sweet enough to balance the bitterness of the chocolate without sweeteners in it. They also slowly melt in you mouth, which makes them last longer. If you wanted to add more fat for satiety, you could scoop in some coconut oil as well.

(traci simpson) #22

I was using the ACV w/lemon and some ginger before I ate. It’s supposed to aid in weight loss but I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

(traci simpson) #23

It’s good for a lot of things. Mom uses it for heartburn, lol

(traci simpson) #24

I’ve tried to make some coconut/choc/coconut oil bombs but it’s always too coconutty for my taste. I’ll the coconut butter.

(Helen Taylor) #25

Try peppermint in a fatbomb, peppermint is known to regulate your appetite, or a square of very dark chocolate. Make the end of your meal an occasion so your body and brain both know it’s over.

I crunch the odd salted roasted almond instead. More fibre than carbs, too.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #26

Well if you know that you will Omad till next day than who cares as long as the food is keto. I would say that having a variety of foods is good, but they should be keto !! Also I would say that Omad is anything between one meal a day and 2/22 interval. I have my rules like this: Starting at eleven I can have a small indulgence if I want before the main meal, then comes the main meal and maybe after that another small indulgence. Also planing is important, I know what I will eat today the day before. Fat gives wonderful long term satiety it comes with a small delay after eating.
Peanuts and cheese tend to promote hunger. I say be very careful with those !! Make sure your main meal is truly high fat; I always have with me lard tablets.
Right now I am doing Omad again, this time I permitted myself max 50 gr of nuts as a desert. I do not feel hunger until the next day but my face is full of red spots… Going to have to cut them out again since this is not the first time I get this effect from them…