Olive Garden

(Rose) #1

My grandma gave us an Olive Garden gift card for Christmas but we haven’t used it, since we figured that there would be little on the menu that would be anything close to low carb. On a whim we went to night and it was awesome. I ordered chicken Alfredo and substituted broccoli for pasta. Way yummier than their overcooked noodles anyway!

(jketoscribe) #2

That’s good. I went there last a few years ago and there wasn’t really anything I could eat. I finally asked for chicken Marsala and asked them to not dredge it in flour but they still did. To their credit the waiter noticed me scraping it off and replaced my meal.


Not bad, I see that the Alfredo sauce has 14 net carbs and broccoli 2 net carbs. For intermittent fasting, this is a good option to stay in keto. Nutrient values here:


Their herb grilled salmon isn’t bad (with broccoli)!

(Rose) #5

Yes. And it was filling enough that I ate less than half of it.



In general I like the idea, but I stopped using broccoli for substitutions because it is high in incomplete protein, so having it with other protein such as chicken often raises the total protein of the meal to be higher than I can usually tolerate and stay in ketosis, but I never had issues with the carbohydrates/fiber in broccoli itself.

I’ve been getting the salad without croutons and adding a side (2 links) of their Italian Sausage which only has 2 carbs.

Italian Sausage (2 links)
Calories 470
Protein 24 grams
Carbs 2 grams
Fat 41 grams
Sodium 1,140 mg