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(Thomas Louis Mueller) #1

Hi Guys!!! Monday Weigh In!
Finished my 40th week on Keto and have lost 80.8lbs! - but check out my last 13 weeks of Monday morning weigh ins…
10/8 - 222.2
10/15 - 224.6
10/22 - 223.4
10/29 - 222
11/5 - 222.4
11/12 - 222.2
11/19 - 222.6
11/26 - 223.6
12/3 - 222.4
12/10 - 224.2
12/17 - 221
12/24 - 223.8
12/31 - 224
1/7 - 223.8
Do you think I am STALLED???
The good news is that I have gone 13 weeks and have not gained any of my weight back. The bad news is, I am still 30lbs away from my goal, and I am determined to get to under 20% body fat, that’s the only way I will accept a weight that is over 195lbs. So… nothing more to do but to "Keep Calm and Keto On!!!
This week my action plan is to fast and limit myself to one meal a day, so intermittent fasting for 24hrs. a day, let’s see if I can do that and kick it back into gear.
Thank you Lord for keeping me in recovery against overeating, binge eating, and addiction to sugar!! Your Grace sustains us all! AMEN

(John) #2

What has your eating regimen been like during that 13 weeks? If you haven’t been fasting at all, might I suggest a single 36-hour fast to see if that changes anything up?

(Stylee) #3

Sounds like time to recheck macros and tweak your current eating habits a little. That’s where I would start. I’ve not started any fasting personally but find it easy to tweak the meal choices, portions of certain questionable choices (too many nuts, cheese or dairy) and also protein. I was eating a larger amount when I started and losing weight but stalled. I lowered meats, cheese and eggs by about 30% and started fermentation of veggies at home. The change started me going again and my cooking evolved to suit it. Closer to strict than lazy.

And I forgot to say congratulations on your awesome progress so far. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Thomas Louis Mueller) #4

Thanks David!!

(Thomas Louis Mueller) #5

Thanks John, good tip.
Eating and macros didn’t change, the only thing that happened simulatenously with my stall was that I joined Gold’s Gym and started doing regular strength and weight training.

(John) #6

So you may be changing your body’s composition - gaining muscle mass while losing an offsetting amount of fat. OR, perhaps you were losing both fat and muscle before, and have stopped the muscle loss?

I also noticed I went from losing something like 2-3 pounds a week to about 1 pound a week when I started exercising more regularly. I broke about a 3-week stall with a single 36-hour fast, which is why I mentioned it. It might or might not work for you.

(Bob M) #7

There ya go. You’re gaining muscle. These are my DEXA scans, about a year apart. I had a swing of almost 10 pounds, but I gained muscle while losing fat, and my scale only showed a loss of 2 pounds…in a year!

And I disagree with the statement about protein. I think you should consider eating more protein, not less, and see what happens.

(Thomas Louis Mueller) #8

I’m going to give the 36 hour fast a try. I have done one extended fast and I made it 43hrs, but that was 4 or 5 months ago.

(Stylee) #9

I was describing my situation and solution. Not suggesting it’s for everyone only that if your goal is losing weight or body building or whatever the answer will be different. And that whatever daily our daily WOE is we are creatures of habit and reevaluating is always prudent as life changes.

(Thomas Louis Mueller) #10

Thanks David. Very wise.