Ok, this could actually change things (study where they gave CGMs to medical and dental students)

(Bob M) #1

Hat tip to Mark’s Daily Apple. Here’s a study where they gave CGMs to medical and dental students:

Metabolic health immersion study

Some of the results:

This is a way to really change how medical doctors, dental students, and the like (say, nurses, not part of this group but another possible important set of students).

Imagine if every doctor, dentist, and nurse would do this as say a 1 or 2 credit class. There would be an almost immediate change in what they are recommending. (Of course, there will always be those who are so insulin sensitive that carbs don’t matter, but the vast majority are not going to be like that.)

Once you use a CGM for any length of time, you cannot “unsee” what you saw. You have that bowl of morning oatmeal and realize what that does to your blood sugar (hopefully seeing what it does to your appetite, too), and that’s something that is hard to explain away.

Something like this could cause a rapid change.

I’d love to be able to do this in a class of high school students.

Edit: I see one of the main authors was Nick Norwitz, who is a medical student and eats a low carb Med diet (he’s also an LMHR who discusses things with Dave Feldman).


Maybe this should be mandatory for “nutritionists” as well. They often seem pretty clueless

(Robin) #3

Very cool. I have never used a CGM. I am able to pick up signals and eliminate culprits as needed. Or when something fluctuates unexpectedly. But seeing the numbers would probably make a big difference for many.

(Bob M) #4

You might THINK you can do that, but I doubt you can. For instance, I had soup from an Asian restaurant. I ordered it because it only had shrimp and vegetables, no rice, noodles, etc. Was shocked to see an explosion in blood sugar, which I did not feel at all. (Probably caused by a thickener, such as corn starch.)

Certain things like ice cream, I can tell that is too much of a shock to my system. But none of my Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, which cause my blood sugar to go way up, cause me to have any issues. I cannot tell that my blood sugar is up.

You might be different, of course. And, I think you’re a carnivore, so there is not a lot of reason to get a CGM.

But especially for all those folks who don’t have any idea what is happening to their blood sugar, a CGM would (might – there’s always those who have almost no response) be a shock.

(Robin) #5

I’m sure you’re right. I can see why they are valuable tools for tracking.