Ok I'm convinced and determined to do this.... O M G!

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I actually learnt a very valuable lesson that day. It was not “don’t put it in writing” as sometimes that is the most effective method. What it was though was to always pause and think carefully and review before I sent anything dramatic or emotional or dangerous (politically or otherwise) in an email. I learnt a method that many would benefit from: if you write a “dangerous” email, don’t send it immediately. Re-read it an hour later, and see if the words still feel right. If they do, send it. More often than not, they don’t.

I have sent quite a few “dangerous” emails using this method, and each time I did end up editing the email, it was a lot better than my first effort, and the results were usually very positive. It is often the emails/comms that we worry about the most that end up being the most effective: it is because they are bold and they matter. People who receive bold and purposeful emails in a sea of dross really react well and often take up whatever cause you are fighting for.

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Thanks for asking. I’ll update on the thread I created.


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Whaat? So she’s dissing everyone who eats dairy & eggs as not true Carnivore (see her recent post on her website), and she herself is not strict CV? Unbelievable

And if the Carnivore diet really gives you so much energy, why do folks even need coffee anymore?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

VegetablePolice raised a good question.

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LMFAO, so you’re Keto:

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Adrian, THIS is the problem.

I OCCASIONALLY have an avocado. Just this week. But it was 3 months since my last one. So, I can’t be carnivore.

I use Coconut Oil b/c I cannot tolerate butter. I used it for my shrimp this week. I MAYBE get some Coconut Oil (ingredient to me, not a food), once a week.

I consider my DIET based on my FOOD, not my ingredients. If I salt, and pepper or use cilantro… Can’t be carnivore? WHERE do you draw the line?

I think there is a HUGE difference between 99% of my food is carnivore and KETO.
But this is the challenge. I often say “mostly carnivore”, and yes, I assume a base of a Ketogenic diet.

What do I tell someone when we have dinner at their place? My daughter told someone I was KETO. They went out of their way and made 3 Keto dishes I could not eat any of.
Sorry, doesn’t make me feel Keto…

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Can I ask @CaptainKirk exactly how you use the collagen or exogenous ketones? What kind? I saw you have lost a lot of weight and you very healthy…even your skin. Is this why you use these products? How long and effective has your carnivore been for you? Also do or did you have BG or IR issues? Thanks for your time.

@VirginiaEdie V I like that idea.

@Ilana_Rose How do you know this? What is it? lol I do eat too much protein and don’t sleep well. Both factors I need to resolve for losing weight. What is the fattiest meat we can consume? Thanks for your time.

Ok I am still not sure about the 1-7 rule. BACON I get that…lol

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Pork belly.

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Well I did have pork ribs last night… Wanted to suck the bones clean. I don’t recall seeing pork belly although I never looked for it. Is it just uncut bacon?

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Damn! You spotted me! :joy::joy::joy:

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The thought of pork belly has me salivating

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Okay, I lost weight WITHOUT using these. I am experimenting with these. I have a lot of inflammation. I would love to eat more things, but it causes me problems.

Recently my joints were hurting (inflamed), and I tried collagen in a pre-workout drink with ketones. I rocked the workout and the joints felt much better post workout.

Yes, I was very IR and was pre-diabetic. I still struggle with morning glucose in the 90s unless I am fasted > 24hrs.

Carnivore made ALL the difference for me. In fact, the inflammation comes when I add avocado, and other vegetable stuff in. I can’t tolerate garlic or seasonings in general (Salt and Pepper seem fine). So Carnivore helped me find my “normal”

The challenge for me is that I get bored a bit, and I want to have Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee blend, or “something” other than water all the time. I was hoping since I was at target, I could add these back in, but the results say otherwise. I just gained 10lbs in 2 days again. LOL. But I have confirmed which foods are killing me. I still have a few more suspect foods.

There is also the difference in reaction when I am in a good place or NOT. Today my ketones were 0.7 … I went for a walk, and did a 5hr energy because I was dragging. My ketones dropped to 0.3 an hour later… That’s the ONLY thing i’ve consumed. So, it tells me it is probably not “great” for me. But a 0.2 drop in ketones is MEANINGLESS when I am posting a 3.0 to start. Who cares. But I ate 2 days in a row, and my numbers are not great.

So, ADF was in fact HIDING some issues. So, now I will do another round of elimination dieting/fasting. Then I will test ONE new food (flavored coffee) added to 2 days of eating. Some things I eat will be CLEARLY limited to certain times/situations.
Some things can probably NEVER become DAILY items for me.

I was just HOPING it wouldnt be this way. But it EXPLAINS the lifelong struggle, and why I regained all the weight so quickly if I cheated/fell off the wagon.

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(Ilana Rose) #53

Just from tracking. I used to have about 60 grams of protein on keto but when I went carnivore I stopped worrying about macros but continued tracking them. I quickly noticed that I felt hungry and low energy on the days after I overconsumed protein. Sometimes I’d even get hungry again later the same night. Basically, it felt a lot like eating carbs again.

My main meats are lamb, any cut, beef ribs, beef bottom blade, and ribeye, and more rarely chicken thighs, pork belly, pork side ribs, pork rib chops. But I supplement it all with extra fat, usually beef fat which I just heat up, salt and add on the side. Today I’m making strip loin steaks but will also have a very fatty sausage and some extra beef fat as well.

My general goal is 2:1 fat to protein in grams. When I do this I feel very good, energetic, satiated, and generally happy.

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I have noticed most bacon has sugar listed… albeit small amounts. I assume the uncured does not.

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@AuntJane Thank you starting this thread! It has been very informative!


This is so true. You have to figure out what the “achilles heel” items are. I find that as a drinker, I can tolerate dry red wine very well with otherwise 99% carnivore WOE, and I even can enjoy drinking to excess dry red wine and return to pre-drinking weight within 36 hours, as long as I don’t eat a bunch of plant things, but it doesn’t apply to any other sort of alcohols. Drinking “Low carb beer” can cause me to bloat my ass up 10 lbs in one day, but wine doesn’t. Interesting huh?

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Yeah, it’s PAINFULLY obvious it is WHAT I eat, far more than quantity. Give me a diet coke 4 times a day, and I know that my weight loss is going to stall, and I will be fighting hunger.

Zero alcohol for me. I was never much of a drinker (I could literally feel how hard it was on my liver with each drink, and then 3 days of suffering… No thanks)…

But here’s a difference. Beer has Wheat, Barley, Hopps… All grains. Wine is fruit derived. Makes me wonder about Vodka or Brandy. (Grain based alcohols should be horrible for you).

But I must admit, I ask for 1 thing to add in. I get that wish, and notice I have added 3 things in. The natural tendency to increase variety has to be genetically built in.

Also, I have noticed my sleep patterns are disrupted. Another sign I have consumed a toxin. Waking up super hot at night, and not sleeping deep. Not wanting to go to bed.

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Sorry, was feeling a bit confrontative yesterday.
Yes, there is a distinction with Keto and Keto-Carnivore.The latter is generally higher in protein and in animal food vs the latter.

In the short time that I was Keto, I was actually eating not so much meat. Possible less than on a high carb diet.