Ok I'm convinced and determined to do this.... O M G!

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Amber doesn’t do bulletproof or dairy though. She describes coffee drinking as only zero calorie, and thus the equivalent of a drug rather than a food.

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@Polly1 I did take a couple of months, and I was happy enough with it too but I’m trying to resolve some longstanding health issues and felt I needed to do the full elimination.

I’m at maintenance and am not trying to lose more weight. I have been amazed, however, at how much more appetite control I have than I did before while on keto alone. I’ll add one thing. I have poor results with ad libitum protein, and so keep my carnivore diet very ketogenic. Absolutely no fewer than 75% calories from fat and preferably 80%. When my protein gets too high my hunger and cravings get out of control and I sleep poorly.

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This is certainly true for myself. I found eating meat/seafood/eggs/butter the most boring diet imaginable. I did it for 2 months to really help clear out everything else. It really did help me see food and my relationship to it in a whole new light.

It also helped me realize that I can certainly overeat low-carb veggies like cauliflower and I can certainly overeat meat, unless I have lots of fat with it.

I am still trying to find my sweet-spot WOE and I still have more weight to lose. Very much a work in progress

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For me though, this is a part of its strength. It has altered my relationship with food to one I genuinely feel is more psychologically healthy. I eat when hungry, enjoy eating tremendously at those times, and don’t think about or crave foods at any other time.

People don’t want to give up this great pleasure in life but it’s not like there aren’t other pleasures to be had, especially when indulging this particular pleasure interferes with our health and goals.

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Surely, you jest!

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That meat skewer looks truly delicious. I may get the bbq out tonight if the weather holds. Thank you for the inspiration.

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Nope. but as @Ilana_Rose says above that is ok because my old/sorta current relationships with food do not serve me well. I am a foodie who sees food as entertainment, who was raised with 2 messages in my family “food is love” and “food is freedom from pain”.

Being bored by food is ok and probably necessary for me. I do enjoy meat/seafood/eggs when hungry physically. However I still have lots of emotional/mental food-stuff to deal with – which is how it is.

sigh, I find it interesting and annoying how I can transfer my fondness for carbs over to fermented veggies, roasted sea vegetables and cauliflower… oh well,
I try to not be jealous of those for whom this path seems so much easier and straightforward (really good for you!) and I am grateful for the others on this forum who struggle with stuff similar to mine.

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This happens to me with dairy. When I was carnivore adjacent I transitioned into a cheese monster.

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Thanks so much to everyone for their responses. I have decided NOT to go strictly carnivore despite being initially very impressed with everything I heard. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a scientist I very much respect. I heard her take on the diet, raising concerns about the lack of long-term studies and changes to the microbiome, and have decided against being this restrictive for now. I know the argument that certainly human cultures have existed as dedicated carnivores, but I also know that genetics tend to acclimate to environmental factors, and I do think omnivorous cultures are more prevalent in history and probably more representative in my Euro-mutt DNA. So thanks again for all your input and here is the podcast to which I’m referring if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thZFIPOAGNQ&list=PLTw0Ee2wF_5795X7CR-l_wj4t4hSF7K3r&index=22&t=0s

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Just a though: one month on carnivore is certainly not going to hurt. It is definitely, enough time to get rid of any remaining carb cravings. Then you can slowly add foods back in and see how your body reacts to them, i.e. cravings, blood sugar, digestion, etc. Many people use carnivore as an elimination diet.

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How’s your zero carb trial going?

(Jane Srygley) #33

Hey George thanks for asking! I decided against doing the zero carb but have decided to modify my diet and focus more on a “whole food keto” approach for now.

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Thanks Edith! That was my original intention but having heard that clip from Dr Rhonda Patrick I’m actually a bit concerned about how my gut biome would be affected even by one month on the carnivore diet. If I interpret her correctly, it sounds like eating just meat could make it harder to digest other types of food, so if you then re-add them, you would have developed an intolerance that might not have been there previously! So like I said, I’m holding off on this for now. She’s done so much research and is incredibly knowledgeable on nutrition and digestion that I tend to believe her over the other voices I’ve heard on this issue.

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What is this?

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The OP listed a number of foods and I recommended she only eat items numbered 1 and 7 only. Simples! There’s no magic code going on here! :rofl::rofl:

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Oops; I thought it was something you jedi masters practiced.

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You’ve just reminded me of one of the not-the-greatest moments of my life. Your exact words were the exact words I got as a reply to an email that I had mistakenly sent to a fellow who was terrible at his job. My (very very bad) error was that I thought I had forwarded the email to my boss. Instead I had simply replied to this chap who I thought was useless and had made a really dumb analysis on the email. Not so bad you might think… what did I say?

“Get rid of this idiot, he is a liability”.

I was not Mr Popular for a while. But I lived.

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Maybe we should… OK, here’s the code:

  1. Bacon
  2. Bacon
  3. Bacon
  4. Bacon
  5. Bacon
  6. Bacon
  7. All other keto food
  8. Carbs

@PaulL would approve!

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Oh, crying emoji!!!

I usually discover I’ve written something I shouldn’t have the instant I hit “send.” Only taken me 25 working years or so since email to take someone’s advice, “never put it in writing.”