OK, Amazon is trying REALLY HARD to keep me from getting pork rinds quickly

(Jay Erdahl) #1


(TJ Borden) #2


Well that would help the Amazon Prime membership to pay for itself

(Chris W) #3

Based on the numbers, I would have guessed you lived in Canada, but then I saw that Economy shipping was FREE, so I knew you were not. In Canada it would have been $3198 all the way down :expressionless:

(Jay Patten) #4

I dunno… seems worth it to me :rofl:

(Lisa marie t) #5

Why not just go to grocery store?

(Shaun Dyer) #6

Sam’s carries these if that’s an option near you.

(Liz ) #7

Made me legit LOL :rofl:

(Jay Erdahl) #8

Hi - I do have a Sam’s near me, but no membership.

Honestly, our family does most of our grocery shopping online, getting just fresh meat, veggies and dairy at the store.

I posted the pic as I was amused at the error in Amazon’s system, or their data feeds…


(Andrew Anderson) #9

Those are on my subscribe and save, but recently tough to track down.


Me as well. Subscribe & Save notified me that they are “no longer available”. I keep checking though!

(chris) #11

I spent some time comparing the prices and amounts of pork rinds and found Aldi’s to be the cheapest. for the price of those two Utz packages I assume are 18oz each I could get 77 oz or 22 bags of pork rinds at 1 dollar for 3.5 oz