Off-label uses for tortilla press?


I recently found a bargain on a cast iron tortilla press. I will someday try the keto corn tortilla recipe, but I’m wondering what other keto foods could be made or improved with this device? Can I stick a piece of meat in there to sear it? I know it could get messy with high fat content meat like ground beef, but how about fajitas?

That’s a bit less than 8" diameter.

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Try pressing fathead dough for flatbreads or mini pizzas. Cracking walnuts? :grin:

For fajitas a cast iron skillet is good, the press would make a greasy spill over and be too small. You want to not crowd fajitas so water evaporates quickly and it doesn’t get soggy or steam the meat making it tough. :cowboy_hat_face:


Hmmm… fathead dough. Yes, that might stick a bit so do it with parchment paper? Sounds better than heating the oven.

I really need to up my game on replacement foods to get hubby on board.

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I wasn’t thinking of using it to cook the dough. You won’t have good control over temperature. Just getting a consistent thickness. I am thinking about trying to grill thin rolled fathead dough in a dry cast iron skillet. I wonder if it will stick. :man_cook:t3::face_with_monocle:


@matt might know the answer to that one?

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Parmesan crisps?

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Cheese wraps?

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Tried it. Didn’t work very well. Maybe I should revisit. It was very hard to get even and the edges were paper thin. We gave up as we attempting to make them for dinner. I nest cake pans to make my crusts now if we are making that style crust.

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It will stick. Use parchment and if you have the space on the grill use indirect heat. Otherwise it’ll just burn before it’s done.


So maybe the press will act like a nest instead of just a pan? I know… try it. I’ll be the guinea pig for this but I don’t have the ingredients right now.

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The dough squeezed out of round. It didn’t make a round tortilla it made a oval shaped thing. I don’t heat the dough do that might be the issue. I moved on. :smirk::smirk:

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I make ‘disks’ as I call them. They are a variant on fathead.

It takes 5 minutes from ingredients to dough to press out, with my ninja food processor (regular FP is too slow). It is the easiest, fastest, and even cleanest recipe imaginable. Not even comparable to the nuking, stirring-into-cheese, sticky world that is fathead dough.

I dump in cheese blocks, dry stuff and an egg. 20 seconds it’s dough. Dump it on parchment, wrap it up and toss in fridge. 30min later, unwrap roll, slice, roll into balls and press. Put on ceramic baking sheet and bake several at a time. Keep in a ziploc with paper towel.

1ecc each. I use them for open-top sandwiches, for tostadas, for pizzas, and simply for dumping garlic-cheese-spread on or anything else. They aren’t anything like bread or pizza dough. If you know those cheap Totino’s frozen pizzas, how if you cook on the rack they’re a bit crispy on the bottom and mostly are just a ‘fairly firm prop to put something on’ – that’s the disks. Flavor at will. Dramatically expands the food options.

My cast-iron tortilla press (and Ninja) is the secret to it all. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks! I just saw the recipe with pictures in your thread.