Ofal or Offal into Chorizo

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So if you get ofal/offal from local slaughterhouse, butcher shop what do you do with it?

I find making it into Chorizo much easier esp. if you don’t have time to mess with it!

I am posting this link for an example!

If you are not the spicy type, you could use other spices like in the form of a Pate or Liverwurst?

Excellent breakdown on ‘Food Safety’ by Douglas Baldwin; how to handle meats, mostly in the light of Sous Vide Cooking …this guy knows his stuff! …got this off the Dudes blogs!

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Good links, thanks. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Why don’t they just call it “Awful”, instead of beating around the Bush? :grinning: lol

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That’s correct, that’s actually what it means ‘offal’ means ‘awful’…not joking!

I get my awful from the slaughter house for free (grass fed only) I get it before it goes into an incinerator, have to drive a long way to get it though!

Just have to call them and let them know I’m coming!

You can literally call any slaughter house and just ask them!

I also get the hooves too and throw them into my bone broth!

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I always joke that I bet I could even make hooves tender in a SV :slightly_smiling_face: