Odd and Unexpected Benefits I've Experienced

(hottie turned hag) #21

Yeah, the disappearance of my restless leg, oral HSV1 (cold sore) outbreaks, and dry lips formerly requiring constant application of lip balm, and resolution of hot flashes are prob the most odd benefits I’ve had.

This just rocks. :partying_face:


YAY for you!
Getting a good night’s sleep is incredible. Like you, I’ve been something of an insomniac until Keto. Now when hubby asks how I slept, …I tell him to think Bob Segar…Like a Rock. =)
My energy levels have skyrocketed, which is pretty amazing. I used to go through the first half of the day like a sloth on Ambien. Now, when my feet hit the floor, the devil is like, “Damn. She’s awake.” Work is a blast. No one thinks retail is fun, but, when you’re more than twice the age of some of your co-workers, and you can run circles around them…its fun.
Only issue I have with non-scale victories is clothing. My pants fell halfway down my hips at work a couple weeks ago. I need new, smaller clothes.

(traci simpson) #23

OMG! that is so funny. I have it on one of my toes from I guess, a pedicure. Anyway, I looked down at my toe after I read your post and it looks like mine is also. I have been taking a prescription for over two years and I still had a brown toenail! CRA-CRA!

(Full Metal Keto) #24

I lost the tip of both my big toes to gangrene 20 years ago. I have had fungus problems since. I have noticed it seems to be going away slowly as the nails grow out. :cowboy_hat_face:

(traci simpson) #25

I can’t wait to paint my toe nails!

(Marianne) #26

Another thing I have noticed is that my elbows aren’t scaly anymore. For my entire life, I have tried everything to soften them (lemon, tons of lotion, sloughing, etc.), and nothing worked. They are completely smooth now, and that’s with doing nothing - really unbelievable to me - and I’ve only been on this three months. Makes me wonder at all the amazing things going on on the inside!

(Jacqueline Porter) #27

Would anyone like a load of bra expanders before I chuck em?

(Jacqueline Porter) #28

I used to give a friend (20 years younger than me) my small clothes. Often they were unworn. I used to tell her “I think I felt thinner and younger than I am that day!”
Now I give her my larger clothes (although I would never tell her so).
I haven’t yet plucked up courage to ask for my thin clothes back😂

(hottie turned hag) #29

I had a keratoma (harmless overgrowth of keratin, like a rough mole) that had been on my cheek for YEARS (had it removed once, it just came back) spontaneously resolve :smiley: within…maybe six months? A dermatologic benefit makes no sense, right? Must go to general stabilization of all processes via endocrinologic regulation.

Imagine telling a doc your keratoma vanished from a keto diet :rofl:


This is really interesting! I’ll have to pay better attention to my toes and see if mine goes away. I’ve had it most of my adult life but not something I’m willing to take systemic anti fungals for. My toes are always polished and I’ve only been on Keto 2.5 months so it’s hard to say right now. I really think my 2 yr old picked it up from me too (I’ve heard it can be congenital), which really irks me.


Yup, same. My bitch mode is definitely in ‘off’ mode more often. Zero heartburn since starting Keto, zero weird diarrhea from weird SAD food and better complexion, although I swear my face is more greasy from all the fat!

(Marianne) #32

Right; they’d laugh you out of the place. I tell my GP I"m on keto and he just gives me a blank look without saying anything.

Good for you with the keratoma!

(Marianne) #33

I hope it resolves for you.


Me too. I busted a toenail when I was young and have had this every since. I’ve been keto since 2017 and no luck so far but I’ll stay hopeful.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #35

Why not? Skin tags are a similar phenomenon, caused by diabetes/insulin-resistance, and they go away once we cut the carbs. Acne usually improves, too.

My liver spots are now all gone, I just noticed, except for one that I can barely see. Wow!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #36

Mine is actually a lot less greasy, and I don’t perspire as much.

(Scott) #37

This is somthing I am watching. I asked the dermatologist what causes them and he was like they just happen. Later when I learned they are a sign of insulin resistance my eyes bugged out. Time well tell…research continues.

(hottie turned hag) #38

Interesting as heck. I didn’t know this was a common result. The keratoma which I would always aggressively exfoliate to break it down, but was never able to abrade completely away, just started getting smaller and smaller and was one day gone, has not reappeared. I mentioned elsewhere how I also no longer have oral HSV1 outbreaks.
A connection between mucosal and integumentary integrity and insulin resistance/endocrinological status generally, seems to be indicated by these citings. The specificity thereof remains unknown; could be related to immune response as well.

(Marianne) #39

Good luck; I wouldn’t lose hope. It obviously can happy.

(Marianne) #40

Never knew this until now - my eyes just bugged out, too! That would be a wonderful NSV!