October 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(Beth) #493

A lot of people do this! IMO there are twogood applications for it. 1) when your body is getting used to burning fat for energy, which takes a while (some say 6 weeks or more) 2) when you are relatively lean and your body cannot obtain it’s daily energy from fat stores.

I don’t know if anyone knows the answer about autophagy. All that I’ve read about it say that it occurs in the absence of nutrients and Jason Fung recommends water fasting to insure autophagy. I think the study of autophagy is hot science right now that no one really understands all the mechanisms of.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #494

68h… just had 4.5 h of sleep.
My mind is working in such a crazy speed that i can not focus on my boring not mentally challanging dayjob. so I decided to start to write a book… Crazy me… never stood on my bucket list, but here it is.


(Beth) #495

Hilarious! I say allergies or keto. If they ask I tell them how the autoimmune protocol (keto side of paleo) cured my husband’s IBS, acid reflux, sleep apnea (probably due to weight loss), severe nasal allergies (who knew that would happen???) and minimized his eczema. Keto cured me of acid reflux and I was able to ride my bike again because my knee arthritis stopped nagging me. Oh… and we both lost a bunch of weight.

I’m going to have to see if I can work the “bitchez” comment into an appropriate conversation! love it!

(Running from stupidity) #496

Where there’s a will, there’s at least one way.

And if there’s not a way, sometimes you just have to do it anyway.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #497

I add joint pain and chronic arthitis in my lower back that ailed me from the age uf 18 to the age of 24/25 (pre keto)

Doing more sports and activities than ever, always pain free…

Or i just simply go and show off my fully packed callendar XD

(Justin Jordan) #498

Fasting again today.

My general goal for next month is to fast three days a week. I’m probably going to mix this up between 42 hour fasts and longer fasts. I find the longer fasts to be easier (as the first day is typically the most difficult, so 42 hour fasts are all “the hard part”) but easier to manage from a not letting my well intended family notice I haven’t eaten standpoint.

I am intentionally eating more on my non fasting days - I have no satiety mechanism to speak of so finding the sweet spot is trial and error.

(Jane) #499

60 hours in and still feeling ok. Hunger completely gone this morning, so the 3-4 hour waves of minor hunger have subsided. This is my favorite part of the fast.

(KCKO, KCFO) #500

Broke my fast at 44 hrs. Thought I would eat breakfast this morning, but after a cup of coffee/hwc, I decided I didn’t really feel like eating. A couple of years ago that thought would never have crossed my mind. But it happens frequently now. I think this will probably be a OMAD kinda day. After refeeding today, I will do a 36 hr. fast. Then just IF the rest of the week.

KCFO everyone.

(KCKO, KCFO) #501

I have started the November chat since it is November for some of our members already.

(Eleonora Fois) #502

It did not go well for me last Tuesday but yesterday after having had more carbs and after rest without goin to the gym I have managed to keep fasting, I am at present on a 28 hours fast and heading well to a 48 hours one…it is easier for me to not eat during the day but I already know tonight I would wake up at 12pm or 4am to eat…even if I take melatonin to help me sleep…I really hope this week to fast until next Monday to lower my bmi and restart a keto diet from Monday and train my body to stay on keto and IF every 72 hours… I was gaining too much weight on a keto alone…I hope to find a balance…

(Eleonora Fois) #503

Well done :heart: Do you feel tired? Do you notice your heart rate decreasing? Sometimes I have experienced a drop of my Heart rate down to 39 bpm and it is hard for me to keep going becaaue I am so weak I can not even dress my self! I really hope today to keep my fasting I am on a 28hours and heading well to 48hours as I never eat anything during the day…I hope to not end up waking up tonight to eat :speak_no_evil:…I take melatonin to help me sleep but sometimes it does not work and I would wake up and eat :cry: and not be able to extend the fast longer than 48 hours :cry: I do not know what to do I have tried everything maybe because of my bmi - currently around 16 these days - it is too low to have easy day on extended fast…any suggestions are welcome please…

(Eleonora Fois) #504

I think the key point to start massively to loose weight and keep the weight in control is keeping a ‘habit’ once I find a habit and I start to see that my weight is dropping, keeping that habit and persevering is the key…keto, IF, moderate excercise and balancing carbs in relation to my activity level at the gym is the key…train my body to IF was the key…starting gradually with 24 hours fasting and than gradually extending the fast to 48 hours and then to 72 hours and even longer requires a long training. Once I mastered the longer fast, I aim to repeat it at least once a month and then keep my food intake every 72 hours…I hope to be able to this?

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #505

how weird is it that my stomach decides to get sligthly painful hunger pangs just less that two hours before the planed end of my fast? Brain, why must you betray me… :rofl::rofl:


It’s like when some folks set their clocks forward some, to make sure they’re not late. … But you just have to tell/convince your brain that you are actually set on stopping a couple hours later then when you will stop.

But don’t know how easy that might be? :smile: …it’s one of the main reasons I stopped setting length or stop times, but completely understand what ya mean. :slight_smile: The tummy knows what you’re thinking. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #507

I do not feel tired at all when fasting. As far as my heart rate I don’t own a Fitbit and my iPhone doesn’t measure my heart rate like my husband’s Samsung, so I have no idea what my heart rate does when I am fasting. 39 is very low!

Good luck with your fast! Don’t forget to join us on the November fasting thread.

I don’t understand your comments on your BMI. In this post you say you want to lower it but in another post you say your BMI is 16 which is considered underweight. Did I misunderstand something?

(Jane) #508

Yeah, my tummy is psychic… I have to lie to it!:laughing:

(Allie) #509

Low heart rate like that sounds like sodium deficiency, it shouldn’t be that low and you shouldn’t be feeling that weak so if your sodium levels are ok best to get it checked


I’m no Dr but 39 doesn’t seem safe. Can the melatonin slow your heart rate down?
I don’t usually ever recommend going to the Dr but I think you need to get it checked out.

(Eleonora Fois) #511

Thank you All! :heart: I did check and in fact the cardiologist told me it is because of low sodium…so I have to be careful and try to increase the salt intake…I usually drink natural mineral water that has more sodium…the heart rate improved…although during a prolonged fast it is hard…I am going to stop the fast if I get to that point that I can not carry on anymore but it is not so easy…I quit with melatonin as I am not sure of the benefits I keep waking up at night anyway and it might lower the heart rate…

(Eleonora Fois) #512

Janie thank you…yes I always hope to have a lower bmi lower than my 16…I know it is a bit underweight but mentally I accept a lower bmi…it is all crazy but I feel much better knowing I am in control of my bmi and fasting help me so much with better mental clarity…I have to be careful to balance it all which is not so easy…I am at present on 39 hours fast and so far I am fine, no scary symptoms and feeling very well…I keep on going until I know I have to stop…I will see you at the November fasting thread :wink::wink::heart: