Obesity-Linked Diagnoses On The Rise Among Kids And Teens

(Marc) #1

This from Yahoo news.

From the article:
Claims for Type 2 diabetes — formerly known as adult-onset diabetes — among people younger than 23 years old more than doubled between 2011 and 2015, according to the analysis of a large national database of health claims paid by about 60 insurers.

At the same time, claims for prediabetes among children and youth rose 110 percent, while high blood pressure claims rose 67 percent. Sleep apnea, a condition in which a patient temporarily stops breathing while sleeping, rose 161 percent.


(Mark) #2

(Marc) #3

Yup, that’s good information, Mark. I know I’m beating a dead horse by forwarding all these articles. I should probably stop, but I’m interested in how the mainstream is slowly changing its view. I started studying/practicing low carb back in the late 90’s. There wasn’t much out there on low-carb that time. Now, more and more stuff is coming out almost daily. I may be a little too anxious to forward information.

(Arlene) #4

Many middle and high schools have coffee places within a few blocks where kids flock to during their lunches and “free” periods to load up on sweetened coffee drinks and high carb snacks. Pizza places and convenience stores are often close by as well. School lunch programs, if available are not much better, just more affordable. Thanks for the article. Maybe a few more parents will get on board and educate their children so we can make some much-needed changes in the future.

(Marc) #5

Arlene, kids is another can of worms. I have two kids, one in 4th grade and one in 7th. I’ve been forwarding them articles I see, I don’t expect them to read much of the articles, but I want them to know there’s another way of looking at things out there. My 7th grader has started looking into ketogenic eating on her own. I’m actually trying to tone her back a little. My 4th grader is more into 4th grade things. Nevertheless, making sure my kids eat well is a battle I think I’m going to have going forward.

Speaking of the junk food you mention around schools… I have to say that I’m shocked at the number of overweight kids in our school district. It’s not the kids fault. But, I wish some of the parents (some of whom are also overweight) would think for themselves and look into nutrition and educate their kids. It’s amazing to me that we even wonder why there’s such a high rate of diabetes in youth.

(Arlene) #6

All you can do is live what you preach and continue to offer up good advice when it’s appropriate. My children are grown, but all of them care about nutrition, even if I didn’t always live what I preached. The truth is that carb addiction is so strong, most people, obese or thin can’t imagine their lives without their yummy carbs. I’m not sure what the solution is, especially with children continuously being bombarded with carbs everywhere for every occasion. The problem seems overwhelming, but just keep eating healthy and teaching healthy eating to those who want the information. I’m glad your daughter is seeking healthy choices.

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