Nutritional Labels from the perspective of an Insider


(Tom Seest) #1

I get my information from a variety of sources, and podcasts are a key tool in my journey to better health and living. I love the 2 Dudes podcast episodes, and I listen to a broad spectrum about a variety of topics.

With that said, I’m also not a fascist when it comes to things like GMO, sourcing, fast food, etc. We all have to make decisions in times of difficulty, both financially and within time constraints.

I’m posting a link to this podcast episode, because it is important that you at least have an awareness of the problem when you are making buying decisions. I prefer to consume products that come in natural packing like skin, shell, etc, where the labeling has no meaning other than price.

But, if you think you can accurately count calories, carbs, etc from other sources, just realize that there are people out there that are intentionally trying to make your path difficult.

Please take the time to listen to this podcast episode, and pass the message along.

Be well, and eat well.

(Cheryl Meyers) #2

I listened to that, thought it was eye opening. You can’t trust any labels!

(Christina) #3

I think us Europeans have it much better. There are very strict controls around the labelling of food and ingredients set out by the European Union. Of course companies will try to be inventive with the labels but there are hefty fines for non compliance.

(Richard Morris) #4

we have a great addition in our label regulatory framework here where manufacturers have to give you the amount of each nutrient in a 100g (liquid 100ml) reference amount.

So I can for example compare peanut butters and see which has the lowest % of carbohydrates (also dietary fibre can’t be included in total carbs)

It means that they can’t play silly buggers with serving sizes to make it difficult for people to calculate relative nutritional benefit.