Nutri score labeling

(Vic) #1

Supermarket products have all these deceiving labels to make us buy more and keep us healthy.

Nutri score is such a thing, born in France endorced by EU and now spread all over the place.

Skimmed milk and tinned fruit with lots of added sugar get the A label.
Full fat cream and bio olive oil get the LIQUID MURDER label

Some products in my home.

How do you explane to the people you care about that olive oil is ok but dump the rice when they are constantly bombarded with this kind of BS.

I think its criminal, just like the food piramid that is on the wall of every hallway in my kids schools.

(Polly) #2

If they are interested there is a lot of good material available on the internet and in published books.

If they are not interested you may as well save your breath and let them do their own thing whilst you do yours.

(Jack Bennett) #3

It seems like they are trying to encode the food pyramid or “MyPlate” or whatever the official dietary guidelines are. They are putting it in a simple letter grade for people who don’t want to do their own research.

It also happens to be incorrect because it’s based in errors - the falsified diet-heart hypothesis, among others.

It’s likely to result in more diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, etc.

(bulkbiker) #4

Part of the anti natural fat dogma which has killed, blinded and caused so many amputations.


That’s hilarious! Biased as all hell clearly, I don’t know anybody on either side of the fence that doesn’t think olive oil is healthy. Hopefully that crap never comes here. Not that anybody would take it seriously either though. It’d probably get used as a flavor meter with F being the most tasty :rofl:

(Vic) #6

Thats the problem, you wouldn’t but for every one of you 1000 would buy it without hesitations.
Nearly all appeal to authoritie.

(Ronald Weaver) #7

We’re in France so I’ve just checked our food stores. Only two items had Nutri Score labels on them, some supermarket Greek yoghourt which was C and canned tomatoes which were A. I honestly don’t know of anyone here paying any attention to these labels, they really are a load of rubbish ! Nearly all the other food we have has a clear chart showing the levels of Fat, Protein, Sugars etc as a percentage of 100gms. Very easy to read !
You will also notice, especially round here, that any low fat stuff is the last to go off the shelves. The 30% cream and 25% beef and all the full fat stuff goes first.


Wow. I never heard about this until now…It sounds extremely silly as you can’t just assign such a label to an item all alone… We are individuals, amounts matter, it even matters what I eat the food with… This is just as nonsense to me as portions, I can’t do anything with this “information”.

(Jane) #9

My great grandparents ate bacon and eggs every morning and made biscuits with lard. No heart disease in my family or the community from saturated fats. Don’t need a fake 7-country study to contradict my n=1