NSV test results and ?s

(Carey) #1

Update to my NSV - My Coronary Calcium Score came back yesterday as ZERO!!! Even better though, my Total cholesterol is now above 300 so I have officially been prescribed a statin - HA! Nope, thanks anyway!

Yay my Trig to HDL ratio dropped from 2.01 on 5/17 to 1.0 on 8/25! My A1c went from 5.4 in May to 5.2 in August!!

I have never had insulin c-peptide 1.7 so not sure if it reflects good LCHF results despite “reference range” indicating it is okay? Also my CRP is 2.34. Not alarming right? Not below 1.0 so should I investigate further or simply KCKO?

(Teresa Driver) #2

When in doubt KCKO. And great big kudos on you Trig/HDL and your A1c! Did some Googling, and I would bet that you will continue to see your CRP drop as you get further into the process.

(Doug) #3

Sweet! Carey, was this ketogenic eating, period, or were some fasts included?

(Carey) #4

Great question. If I look back at the last 3 months, I probably averaged 5 16-8 IFs per week and have been in nutritional ketosis (.5-2.0) the whole time. I would love to know which had more impact but both seem to be doing the trick for me - yay!

(Carey) #5

Ha, just listened to today’s 2 keto dudes Rogue Dietician podcast says a CRP of <5 is normal so there ya go!

(Doug) #6

Thanks, Carey. :slightly_smiling_face: 5.7 was my last A1C, definitely want to take that down some more. Congratulations on your consistency!


Great results Carey.

I’ll have to catch up on the podcasts, we have been traveling (Alaska) and services up there are not that great. My CRP score in March was 2.9 so glad to hear another opinion on what is “a healthy range”. That one might be super hard to reach!

(Carey) #8

Yea not sure what <1 will take to achieve