NSV new pants

(Dustin Cade) #1

So I’ve been reluctant to buy new clothes as with how much I have to lose it doesn’t make sense… But I had to break down and buy some new pants, pair of 44/32s… I have bought new shirts I’ve found on clearance…

(Linda Culbreth) #2

Great job! Eat a few more pieces of :bacon: and enjoy your new clothes - probably won’t be long before you have to get even smaller sizes!

(Sophie) #3

No cake, dessert or sugary piece of crap carbage tastes as good as it feels to melt into a smaller pair of pants!!! Congrats and enjoy the feeling! :+1: KO brother.


Nice! It feels good doesn’t it?

(Jeremy Storie) #5

Yep, I had to break down and buy some new pant too. I ran out of holes in my belt and couldn’t bunch them up any further.

(Sophie) #6

Here in the south they’d just hand you a piece of rope. :grin:

(Jeremy Storie) #7

Yep, southern boy here. I’ve seen it done a time or two. :grin:

(Doug) #8

Punched three new holes in my belt last week, with a utility knife and a screwdriver. (This was when I was home in Atlanta. :wink: )

(Jeremy Storie) #9

Yep, I need to do that too.