NSV: my bra is ill fitting!

(eat more) #1

and three ppl called me skinny :grin:
(i mostly feel the sameā€¦prankster mind!)

(In a #ketomarriage with @peggaloon) #2

Nice one! Iā€™m guessing ill fitting is a good thing (it hasnā€™t been for me)!
YES to being skinny!


Huzzah! The only time you want your bra to be ill-fitting :wink:

(Jacquelyn Graham) #4

I finally caved and bought new bras. Went from a 38E to a 34D. To say my old bras were ill-fitting would be a massive understatement. (I think I made a subtle play on words there, too. Bonus!)

(eat more) #5

thatā€™s amazing!
well worth the expense :blush:


All of my bras are too big now too! I may not even need a bra soon hahaā€¦


My first big victory was when I realized that I could wear T-shirts in my closet that were previously too snug for me to feel comfortable wearing. Then, yesterday (at 24 pounds down), I discovered that a bra I could previously only wear using a strap extender now fits fine without it. This is tremendously motivational for me!

(Jacquelyn Graham) #8

Yes, I love being able to wear at tshirt now without feeling like a busted can of biscuits. :sunglasses:

(Randy) #9