NSV : I had dinner late!

(Stephanie Tebbs) #1

I was always that person that had to eat by 6:45pm. If I didn’t eat I’d get dizzy, light headed and aggressively angry. If dinner was going to be late I’d have to eat a snack, usually chips or some other carby treat.

I’m 4 weeks into keto and my husband started his first official day at his family business with his father. It ended up being a LONG day and he didn’t get home until 8:30pm. We had dry aged steaks and he was eager to cook it on our new cast iron grill so I waited until he got home for dinner and I had none of the ugly side effects I used to have. It felt so freeing.

(Khara) #2

:+1:t3:Congratulations! I can totally relate. It is so nice.


Love it!
Another keto superpower.

(Sophie) #4

You’ll be fasting before you know it! :+1:

(Stephanie Tebbs) #5

It’s funny, I can fast in the morning with little problem but once it hits 1pm I needed food often, especially dinner. It will be such a blessing to go on multiple day fasts.

(Brian) #6

It is pretty amazing how our bodies change with this diet.

I’ve had friends that have wondered how I’m able to stick to my diet so faithfully. The concept that I just don’t get hungry like I used to just doesn’t sink in with them. And I’d have had a hard time understanding too, until I experienced it.

There are days when we go places with friends and it comes to lunch time and they are famished. Me, I suppose I could eat a little, and often will eat a little salad or something more to be sociable than because I’m actually hungry. I really could go all day with nothing and be just fine. I like that.