NSV I can now use my bra as a handbag 😂

(Jacqueline Porter) #1

Today I wanted to walk unencumbered by “stuff”!
I was able to fit my phone, my NT ticket and a little map into my bra😂
Gotta be some advantage to the shrinking tits!

(Full Metal Keto) #2

:rofl::rofl::joy::joy::grin: When I read that in the new topics I actually pictured a woman with bra cups full of stuff slung over her shoulder. :cowboy_hat_face:


Me too!

(Jacqueline Porter) #4

:joy::joy:haha! So ridiculous!

(Full Metal Keto) #5

You know @Sharon_E is getting out her sewing machine now…:joy:. :cowboy_hat_face:


Just think of all the possibilities…!

(Jacqueline Porter) #7

Could make a parachute out of my old knickers😄

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #8

Pics or it didn’t happen :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(hottie turned hag) #9

Me three!
@Jacqueline_Porter mine went from DD to B and now resemble basset hound ears and I am SO OK with that :grin:
I used to be very vain of my figure. Then menopause changed all that. I can buy bras at the discount store now and that thrills my frugal soul.


(Susan) #10

All I have noticed with bra changes so far, is losing around (from back fat leaving!) not the breasts themselves yet, as cup hasn’t changed, just very loose around. I have all sizes of smaller bras though… so just had to hunt around for a smaller one so far.

(Jacqueline Porter) #11

Oh I love not having the back fat! That unsightly bulge at the top of the bra! I have gone from 42 E to 38 DD (Double Dumplings or Droopy Dollops?) and do them up on the last hook! But as I said, there is a little gap at the top big enough for my phone and a few things😂. Might try a 38D next time.
I’m just waiting for autophagy to eat my tits and make them all pert again! I guess at 60 they are never going to say “hello boys” by themselves as they used to😂
But as @BlueViolet says, I’m ok with that!

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #12

Idk about you, but for me it’s definitely droopy dollops :joy:

(hottie turned hag) #13

Ergh this was one of the first things some of my kids commented on when I got fat; it stood out to them somehow, I guess because my torso is so stupid small. I was mortified. :unamused:

You know you’re keto when ^^^^

:rofl: :joy:
Any boys who had the misfortune to be greeted by mine at present would then be fast searching for an awl to shove into their eyes

(Karen) #14

I have lost a lot of weight before and then regained. I go from a D cup to barely an A. It seems to be where I lose weight quickest😒

(Jacqueline Porter) #15

Show us ya knees hun!

(Jacqueline Porter) #16

Today I went walking and had my phone in one side and my card and car keys in the other!
Maybe we should have a new thread “what did you carry in your cups today”?

(hottie turned hag) #17

When I walk the wee dog I have a small radio (yes an actual RADIO) I clip to the waistband of my shorts; it weighs down the waistband and causes it to be pretty low on that side, not that I GAF how it looks but it means I must repeatedly hike shorts up while walking so this has me thinking, I may like it better clipped to the bra cup :smile: