NSV Cooking Keto + Spreading info

(Siobhan) #1

This is a social victory instead of a health one, but hopefuply it still goes here!

This month has been my first time cooking keto for my nonketo boyfriend, I’ve made numerous things but finally got around to making fathead pizza…
He said it was “stupidly good” and “insanely filling” and asked me to make it again this week and show him how to do it.
I also watched the fathead documentary with him, and later over drinks he started talking to a mutual friend of ours about what he’d learned and how he wished they’d talked about that in home ec. back in school. I think he’s on the way to going keto by his own choice
Proud! :slight_smile:

I chalk it up to the power of fathead pizza :slight_smile:

(Terri) #2

This is awesome! You are spreading the Keto lifestyle and helping inform others (your boyfriend and beyond!).

(Larry Lustig) #3

Pretty sure your boyfriend’s keto. The liver, heart, and lungs are particularly good. You can also make bacon if. . .

Oh, oh wait – never mind.