Now carnivore, can't stomach beef ribeye and other issues


another vote for digestive enzymes here.

I went through a similar thing (but nowhere so severe) where meat was sitting like lead and repulsing me. I had to get creative with cheese and fish, roe and eggs…

But the digestive enzymes have helped tremendously.

And for the love of Pete IGNORE all the zealotous ZC balderdash about how you don’t need supplements on this marvellous, perfect, ultimately heroic way of eating.

Most people flourish on ZC without supplements. That’s great for them.
They should carry on doing that and be profoundly grateful that they are able to do it.

But those of us with digestive issues _don’t digest properly _ do we?
The clue is in the description.

There is absolutely no point throwing nutritious meat endless down your neck if it isn’t getting properly absorbed, is there?

Take me:
Bad tummy bug.
Switched to ZC to help dodgy guts to recover.
8 months on, still unable to cope with any veg or fibre.
Still happily ZC but need digestive enzymes for more than 5oz of red meat at a time.
Recently tested as deficient in several vitamins and now being investigated for malabsorption issues by doc (despite eating liver and organ meats regularly)

So please listen to your own body and prioritise your own needs over ZC dogma about supplements being unnecessary for ‘us ZCers’.
Because they ARE necessary for some of us.

(Omar) #42

Very well said.

I am very much like you described.I am almost zc I do not tolerate vigitables but I tolerate meat .enzymes help with constipation.

(Beth) #43

Have you tried an extended fast to re-set the immune system? If all else fails, it worked for me.
I had similar digestive problems and four or five diagnosed autoimmune conditions. I spent years doing Wahls protocol and AIP, which helped, but eventually saw diminishing returns. Extended fasting made for drastic improvements for me.

(Tommy) #44

Good info. I will give them a go once more. Now that I’m on carnivore maybe it will be a different effect. I’m quite sure, given what’s happened, that my liver is functioning ineffeciently. However I have this magical skill to adapt to things like this almost immediately and then become dependent on them.

I still have a stock of Thorne Bio-Gest, any personal experience with this one? I use other Thorne supplements and they typically are some of the best.

(Tommy) #45

I have come to the same conclusion about fasting and am considering an extended fast even, 2-3 weeks, however I like the 2-4 day fasts better for practicality as mentioned in this article. How long did you fast to see results?

(Beth) #46

I saw results after three days, but I got the best results when I focused on fasting for about a month.
First I did 13 days on water, black coffee and the occasional spoonful of coconut oil, and some bone broth.
After that I fasted between 24 to 90 hours over the remaining two weeks of the month (June).
I kept that up until my wedding and vacation two weeks ago. Was able to eat offending foods at times during vacation in moderation without a return of symptoms, but I’m sure that if I continued, symptoms will return. We just got back so now I am experimenting, trying different foods and trying to establish a daily eating window that works for me.

(Dustin) #47

Tommy, are you still doing carnivore?
I found your post because i have similar issues. I have been mostly keto for 2+ years, and im fine, but when i do carnivore i dont want to be too far away from bathroom. Im going to go to vitamin store soon and try Lipase. I read an article tg hat said that would help.

(Tommy) #48


I am doing ribeyes + apples. I’m also doing a bit of ginger honey tea at the moment because I was around little kids and they got me sick.

The ribeye and apples works for the most part. My joints are most fluid and inflammation is lowest when I only eat ribeye, but I started to get depressed, I needed some form of carbs, plus my wife said my breath is awful when I only eat ribeye.

I also started back again on methyl B12, methylfolate, and folinic acid, plus my previous B vitamin regimen. My brain is working very vast and at higher capacity, so I’m going to continue on my course and continue ramping things up. I no longer have the awful dead feeling in the left half of my head when I take the MB12. I suspect I really needed it all along but I had to titrate up in tiny doses and endure the headaches while the processes started back up in my brain. It was well worth it.

If you’re interested in this protocol, I adapted mine through FREDDD’s protocol on Phoenix Rising. Caledonia and some other posters have summarized it well.

(Omar) #49


Good if it is working for you

If I may ask what was the main reason for this diet. If you eating apples then this is not carnivore diet. How many apples you eat a day?

I am on meat + Orange peels. I am experimenting for my diverticulitis. I did not notice significant improvment on focus and concentration but little improvment to my diverticulitis.

(ThaliaGalene) #50

Remember when you are adjusting to diets, that as you readjust your diet you may need things like apples which contain pectin which slows the meats and fats absorption, and also keeps a healthy balance of fluid in the digestive tract.
Or things like probiotics are lost and you need may probiotics.
I reccommend starting slower. I am doing keto, I find I can’t stomach beef at all.
I have a beef intolerance, consider chicken or salmon or other cold water fish if you can handle it, apples particularly tart apples that are lower in overall sugars can be therapetic with me. I normally have severe sensitivities to dairy, including all but goat’s milk or bison milk yogurt (sugarless, plain) or even sheep milk yogurt, these are not the most delicious of flavors to someone used to cow’s milk but as it helps to give you healthier digestion you will forget it is odd tasting. they also make a dairy-less coconut yogurt without sugar or added carbs, and no sugar almond milk yougurt. These are far worse then the buffalo, goat or sheep ones in most cases but they help reduce the diarrhea and constipation associated with these changes. Maybe you need a keto diet which still maintains some items besides beef, not everyone is made to eat beef. I certainly can’t touch beef, or pork, or many types of fish, casein, or any cow’s milk dairy, or eggs or butter (they make one from goat’s milk, expensive but amazingly pleasant, just a little leaner than cow’s milk butter. I am only a nurtrition student not a licensed professional yet, however these are ideas which my teacher has presented before. It can be hard for the body to understand why your diet changed so quickly. perhaps you should consider a few low carb veggies on a keto diet for a while you may find it is better for you or at least delay the change from keto to carnivore diet. Just a few thoughts I hope they will help.

(Bob M) #51

You may have an issue with A1 proteins in cow’s milk. Do they sell A2 milk where you are? (A2 milk only has A2 proteins and no A1 proteins.)

See here, for instance: