Not sure how I could fast

(Chris Wolfgram) #1

…for more than 20 hours, and here’s why.
So I am pretty much addicted to my morning coffee, and I have no desire to break that addiction. But thing is, I “have” to eat my breakfast before my coffee, or else I’ll get the jitters, and feel sick to my stomach. So now, I’m not SO hungry, nor do I have a big enough stomach, that I could eat my whole days intake before my morning coffee.
I could probably eat something balanced and well planned as early as 1-2pm… Then could easily go to breakfast the next morning, and in fact I did this yesterday for a 20 hr fast. But that’s about the longest fast I could see myself being able to work in.

So another interesting thing… I am almost sure I could drastically cut my daily intake by eating a fat bomb every time I start to get really hungry.
As a couple times lately, I got pretty hungry hours before I knew I’d be eating dinner. So I ate a couple fat bombs… only 50 cals each and they held me over amazingly well.
A couple of those, and I’m good for 4 or 5 hours…
So I could eat breakfast, and then eat 100 cals of fat, maybe 3 more times through out the rest of the day… And “maybe” do the same thing the next day… I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. But then this would not really be a fast, would it ?

Long story short, if I thought it might help something, I could probably cut my cals from like 2500-3000 a day… Down to 500… And maybe still be able to work in my morning coffee :slightly_smiling_face:

But I don’t know how you guys could go days without eating, and not get weak… tired… shakey, etc ?

And why ? What are the benefits ?

Keeping in mind, I only want to lose about 10 or 15 more lbs anyway, and I’m absolutely positive that just eating twice a day until I’m satiated, and keeping my carbs extremely low (less than 20) I’ll easily lose that.

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There are lots of benefits to fasting, autophagy for one. It can help your body repair itself.

Another thing is for driving glucose levels down more.

It can also help jump-start weight loss, in some cases.

There are people who for various reasons can’t fast for a long time, so they eat fast during the fats (no carbs or protein).

Sometimes having some water with a bit of salt can help with getting through a fast. If you can do 20hrs, then try for 21hrs. I’ll bet work a bit of practice you can go longer, but ALWAYS stop if you start to feel ill or feel bad (shakey, dizzy, etc).

There are plenty of posts about fasting.

(Chris Wolfgram) #3

I would only feel ill if I drank my coffee without eating something first… Or, if I didn’t drink my daily coffee at all.


For someone with not much weight to lose, fat fasting can make it possible. The key missing ingredient for autophagy and maintaining metabolic rate is to eliminate protein (and carbs are already gone).

Do you have any glucose and/or ketone readings to go along with the times you feel shaky? Are you getting hypoglycemic?

(Chris Wolfgram) #5

Okay, now this sounds doable. I could eat a few fat bombs maybe 4X’s a day and probably be good :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have any glucose or ketone tests for when I feel shakey. But that’s just kind of a caffeine overdose with nothing to dilute my stomach content’s.


Have you tried switching from coffee to tea for a few days and see if that helps? They affect me differently even though they’re both stimulating.

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How do you drink your coffee ? I drink mine black, so if I have more than 2 in the morning then I also get the jitters and feel sick, but if I add cream to my coffee ( Milk before keto ) I feel fine. Can you substitute more cream in your coffee for your breakfast. Most fat fasts include cream in coffee.
Maybe try delaying having your coffee till noon on a non-work day. Sometimes if I get interested enough in doing something first thing in the morning it can distract me from having a coffee, and sometimes I will have just hot water when I’m trying to avoid coffee, which is almost never, but for a few hours it worked. Of course fasting is not really necessary, just another tool you can use for health. I mean what are you going to do if you ever have to have a colonoscopy ? :wink:

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When I did my first EF I remembered that I did a colonoscopy recently and the fast for that was easy.

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There are many benefits to Fasting, Chris, but it is not something you HAVE to do, it is a voluntary thing=). If you aren’t ready for it yet, then just don’t do it. Maybe down the line in a few more months, you will want to. You can always try, and see how it goes. Maybe try it at a time when you don’t have a lot of work on, and can just chill at home, and try to do a water fast for say maybe 36 hours the first time, and build on that once a week over time. I did a build up and atm am doing a 72 hour fast, at 41 hours atm and doing well =).

(Chris Wolfgram) #10

I have not. I’m not really a tea guy… But I mean it’s not terrible. I could drink it if it were string enough…

(Chris Wolfgram) #11

I only make 1 mug of coffee every morning, although that one mug is 20oz, and it’s double strength :slightly_smiling_face:

One time my Dr asked me how much coffee I drank, and I started with… Well only one cup… And he quickly jotted down “1 cup”. But then when I told him, 20oz double strength, he simply scratched out “cup” then wrote in “pot” :slightly_smiling_face: lol

I used to add a bunch of non dairy creamer, and Splenda. Now I use heavy cream, a shot of vanilla, and a bunch of Splenda, and I highly enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:

My work days often don’t start until 2-4pm, and typically last until 2-4 am. So I’m not sure how that would work ?
I’ve actually had a couple of colonoscopies, and the fasting was no more than overnight… Along with some sort of ex lax and enima flush. I commonly go longer than that now, with my daily 14-18 hr fast.

(Chris Wolfgram) #12

Thank you Susan. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m completely against fasting either. I’m just trying to work out all of the personal logistics which would be involved.

I was reading a thing last night where one study showed that fasting (in men) for 72 hours, provided a 5 fold increase in the production of Human Growth Hormone ! Which is great for all kinds of things, most especially muscle growth !

And honestly, I have not heard of a fat fast. Im going to look more into this. As I say, I can be starting to get hungry, eat a couple fat bombs, which are almost zero carbs or protein, but rather, 100 fat cals, and then go another 4-6 hours easily ! I did this again yesterday. My GF always has those lemon fat bombs around. And it’s funny, I love them, but never have more than two a day. Unlike when I used to have a ziplock of Junior Mints (98% corn syrup ) in the fridge, and I’d hit it 4 or 5 X’s a day ! :open_mouth:

I remember growing up, when I got hungry before dinner, mom would say, Well just eat an apple" …which would not do anything for me right then, nor saitiate me for any amount of time after…

In general, I can go SO much longer without eating now, especially after my nice, big fatty breakfast, or dinner…