Not losing weight, tweaks needed

(Tony H) #21

So today I had a super busy day and continued to experiment with eating more carbs whilst I was out and about without too many food options, I had oats + PB for breakfast, yogurt + nuts for lunch, had some potatoes with dinner and a slice of peanut butter on sourdough toast for tea. By far the most carbs Ive consumed in a day for a long time and I feel fine!. This is not something I plan on doing daily but like I say I was out and busy all day so ate what was on offer. When I previously tried to consume some carbs I got terrible symptoms of blurred vision, nausea, headaches and muscle weakness. That has disappeared after only 1 month on keto so despite not shifting much weight it has clearly had an effect. I also tested my ketones when I got home just out of interest and was surprised to see I was still at 0.3, I was only getting to around 0.5 most mornings on keto. Im very new to this world so I have no idea what this means, it’s only been 4 or 5 days but I have finally broken 225lbs which I couldnt manage in a month on keto so maybe I have one of those weird bodies that loses more weight on lower fat. Still around 50%, give or take but its a chunk less than what I was on last month and it appears to be working atm.

(Tony H) #22

Blood sugar wise it’s been a mixed bag with morning readings of 6.1, 5.8, 4.9, 5.8 and 6.4 but I kind of expected it to have a little flap when I reintroduced some carbs into the mix. Will be interesting to see how it goes over the next couple weeks. Another thing I did today was sign up online to view my medical records. I have HBA1C test results going back every 12 months to 2015. 4.9, 4.9, 4.9, 5, 4.9, 5.1 and last one less than 2 months ago 5.2 so not diabetic but it is creeping up and likely needs some attention but I’ve also not had a hypo yet since putting carbs back in. Still waiting for my endo app so really non the wiser what is going on with me. I think someone on here previously told me that my symptoms and blood sugar swings/hypos were very normal of someone coming off a long term low carb diet and that is just happens to mimic diabetes but it isnt.

(Tony H) #23

So, much has happened since I last posted. I continued to eat some carbs and lost a few more pounds, was nice to see the scale finally moving again which does suggest slightly lower fat is maybe what my body likes but the crazy thing was, my digestion had become so little of an issue on keto that I actually forgot that I have SIBO. As soon as I started consuming some oats, sourdough, chickpeas and salads I remembered! Mind you I was eating a chicken salad most days on keto and didnt have the same troubles so clearly some is ok but maybe a build up of more carbs just is too much. My gut struggles returned, prostatitis flared and still hasnt settled so it’s back to my little keto corner I go I think. Maybe I will wait for it to settle down and see if I can get a few more low fodmaps in and maybe up the protein a touch to try and keep the scales moving. The intense hunger I felt on keto also went away. I didnt even really notice but apart from when I started consuming a lot of cheese on keto my digestion was much improved, reflux improved, farting and burping quite rarely and I was less constipated on keto than I am currently eating some carbs which means the carbs/SIBO have slowed things down as I have methane dominant which leads to constipation. High saturated fat seems to irritate my reflux so it’s all trial and error but I am gathering more info all the time. Other interesting thing was my hypos seemed to have stopped even after returning to carbs, maybe the 1 month strict keto did me some good? Granted I’ve not been eating carbs that will cause wild swings so I assume if I sat and ate a pack of haribo it would happen again but my morning glucose readings were fairly solid at low to mid 5s most days with odd exception either way once or twice. As for the prostatitis, after doing a lot of research there seems to be a thought that it’s related to leaky gut and food sensitivities which makes sense to me as I know for certain bread flares it like clockwork. I’ve not eaten bread in over a week and Im still in pain and struggling with it so have also now cut dairy to try and get a hold on things. Back to the drawing board I think until things settle but now I have a better grasp on what I can and cant tolerate. Would love to hear from other SIBO sufferers who have actually successfully cleared it up, they appear to be like unicorns…