Not losing my gut!

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I don’t have much stress anymore since I retired (funny how that works!), and I don’t do these things, but how about meditation/breathing, yoga, walking in nature, more fly fishing? There is so much beauty out there. I find being in nature makes me very happy.

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Nailed it.

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So, then, you believe you are eating well past the point of satiation? It’s advisable to stop eating when you stop being hungry, and not to eat again until hungry again. In other words, don’t eat according to the clock, only according to hunger. If you are getting enough food at meals, then you will be able to go for several hours without hunger between meals.

And if you are eating enough to satisfy your hunger, but not eating past that point, you should find yourself able to metabolise both the fat in your food and some of the excess stored fat you have. Our appetite may not appear to correlate well with our activity level on any given day, but over seven or eight days, it matches our energy consumption to our energy expenditure surprisingly accurately.

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I’m not exactly sure, Paul. I think I’m “grazing” too much during the day and before dinner and not confining my consumption to two or three meals a day. I love this WOE and I think I am eating more now for pleasure than sustenance. It also makes me paranoid the amount of food I would eat at a mid-day meal to reach enough satiety to not graze more before dinner. I am getting worried, too, that I have reached a high set point (160 vs. my ideal 145), and am not going to be able to drop the remaining weight I would like. I am kind of at a loss and don’t know how to proceed. I’ve never deviated from clean keto, and all I can attribute it to is too much fat/calories/food.

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Thank you. I’m not sure what you are asking for, but would be happy to share whatever for suggestions. Sorry!

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Ohhhh, thank you! I will definitely check it out!

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You need to read a little farther into the thread.

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You need to read a little farther into the thread.

I did, and the more I read, the more it became clear… you’re arguing with everyone who offers advice or make suggestions, so why waste everyone’s time when you clearly think you know best?

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I will be able to start taking social security in a little over a year. Then I will stop marketing and let my business slowly die out on its own. That will reduce a ton of stress. I am looking forward to being in your boat. And I think i hear some trout mocking me. THAT WILL NOT STAND! I might just be the wind though.

Thank you for the wonderful advice.

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I virtually never do. Maybe once a year.

I am good everywhere except the gut. I have lost weight other places and can’t keep a scar. (There is a scary name for not keeping a scan, but it means I am removing bad tissue, which also means I am in ketosis .) From other posters with the same issue, “non-alcoholic fatty liver” describes me to a tee. And I am following the advice with those that had it and how they dealt with it. I am on to my first full day of fasting. Not hungry in the slightest. 107 mg/Dl this morning. It will probably go up over the days. Will be interesting to watch.


Mine hangs around 125-130 when I really get in to a deep fast.

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The spare tire, I guess, must be the last to go. However, my body seems quite happy where it is. My body seems to have settled at this weight. It’s time to push it with fewer calories. What you think?

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Here are some more thoughts to consider: the next time you have a blood test done, get your liver enzymes checked out. Ten days of a low-carb diet is usually enough to remove fat from the liver. There may be some other problems going on.

Autophagy is a constant process, even when we are in sugar-burning (anabolic) mode, but it does ramp up when we fast or eat a ketogenic diet, because fat-burning mode is catabolic, and autophagy is a catabolic process.

If your glucose is going up that high when you fast, it is probably because your fat stores are low, and your liver is making glucose to feed your brain in the absence of ketones. Some rise in glucose is to be expected, so that you are ready to sprint towards (or away from) the woolly mammoth to bring it down. Ketones should also rise while fasting, if you have enough stored fat. Fasting levels of β-hydroxybutyrate are usually in the range of 3.5-5 mg/dL, whereas nutritional ketosis is generally in the range of 0.5-3.5 mg/dL.

Also Phinney and Volek have data showing that fat loss from switching to a well-formulated ketogenic diet is usually around 20% of starting body weight, and it can take several years at the lower weight for fat loss to resume. (Note: Richard Morris and I both lost around 25% of starting weight on keto, so that 20% figure is not written in stone.)


As I mentioned a while back, in addition to the full liver panel, I recommend a liver fiber spec test. It isn’t necessarily included all the time with a liver panel. So, it is important to ask for it seperately. This will give a good picture of the amount of fibrosis that has formed in the liver from long term fatty liver disease and/or chronic inflammation. If fibrosis is present, it doesn’t change the process, but drastically slows the regenerative abilities of the liver. What someone with an otherwise healthy liver can do in 10 days on strict Keto may take someone who has the level of damage that I do months or years (if at all) to clear using the same processes.

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Hi Ginger,

As a drug free T2 diabetic, meaning the symptoms are gone, but I have to stay keto as there is no complete repair of my pancreas, I have noticed that “grazing” is a YUGE no-no for my blood sugar. It just keep going up and up and up. My body needs time to process what I eat before adding more. I have also noticed, that if I still get hungry after eating, that I have not eaten enough fat. So next meal, I add more fat and that does the trick. EVERYTHING goes better with [unsugared, uncured] bacon.

I have also noticed that Choke Berries (not cherries) are the only snack I can eat between meals without a blood sugar problem. I grow them myself and buy some from Home grown work a lot better. I freeze my own and suck on them. By the way, the choke part gets carb burners, who would make faces and spit them out. They ain’t use to that much vitamin C at once. I adobe them. Keto made my sense of taste return.

There is more scientific data out there on choke berries and blood sugar. Forgot where I read it. If you like, I can see if I can find it again for you.


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When I first started to fast, I noticed a 20 point drop. It slowed started creeping higher. Typically now I am 5 to 10 points higher after I fast. Means my liver is finally gotten efficient at glycogen synthesis.

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From what I have read and experienced, the spare tire is the hardest to remove. If it is resisting (as others have stated), it is probably non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. That you need to be concerned about. Me thinks the liver wants to hold on to its fat for dear life as without it, it would have a harder time synthesizing glycogen and that could kill you.

Is your gut “hard” or “squishy”? Hard is the bad one.

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Hi Midnightmoon,

By chance do you know what your blood glucose is at the start of your fast?



Of course I heard about 1200 kcal all my life, I was thinking about that too.
And then I said I ignored that, losing fat eating only 2000 kcal. Calculators gave me a significantly smaller numbers for maintenance but still higher than the usual “1200 kcal for women” people can’t forget about.


That sounds bad. Though I still think it’s all about calories for me, it is for my SO.
We both gain fat on belly first (and not in a nice way. we totally get fat rolls, not just a wider waist, some people do it better) and lose last, it’s a common thing. My poor SO looks bad with a tiny extra fat (nothing like my 20kg, 2kg is enough to have a noticeable effect though not sooo bad yet), quite slim body with a spare tire, quite unaesthetically.
I lost a significant amount of fat and my belly barely changed, only my pants showed something happened, still 2 big, soft rolls… I lose fat very unevenly. Sadly, it’s a thing many of us must accept. It’s better for the ones who doesn’t stall for a decade on their fat-loss journey I suppose… Patience is needed at fat-loss for most of us. Patience and much more.