Not in ketosis .... Pork rinds

(Chris) #1

Hi all
I’ve been carnivore since 9/15.
I went from to 220 to 195. I eat a lot!
Exceptions to beef chicken eggs steak bacon and pork belly and coffee and pork rinds.

I use a rub occasionally that is less than 1g sugar. When I make pork belly I dust in flour. Last night I ate a bag of pork rinds but less than 1g per serving.
Hmm…well I just read the nutritional info and there are 25 servings so even if it’s 1/2 g per serving that’s 12g of sugar and carbs.

For the 1st time I tested my urine and it says I’m at the lowest level, no ketosis. Kind of surprised but also surprised at the amount of servings in that bag of pork rinds. I was going to ask why I wasn’t in ketosis butt I guess I have my answer

(Geoffrey) #2

My pork rinds have no sugar and are not fried in seed oils only lard.


Pork rinds shouldn’t have a significant amount of carbs…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #4

Get the plain pork rinds. The flavoured varieties contain a fair amount of sugar. In the U.S., they are legally allowed to adjust the serving size, so that if the sugar per serving is less than 1.0 g, they can say simply “less than 1 g.” And if the sugar per serving is less than 0.5 g, they are legallly allowed to say “0 g.” This means that a 4 g “serving” of pure table sugar (sucrose) can list 0 g of sugar in the nutrition label–magic!

If I see either of those two entries in a nutrition label, I look for the list of ingredients. If sugar is mentioned, by any of its many names, I assume that the content per serving is 0.999999999 g or 0.4999999999, as the case may be. And then I figure out how many so-called “servings” it takes to make an actual serving. Then it becomes easy to determine the amount of sugar per actual serving. Usually changes the cost/benefit ratio considerably, let me tell you.

In civilised countries, by contrast, the nutrition label is required to show amounts per 100 g of product, whether there is also a column of amounts per serving or not. So 100 g of sugar has to be shown to contain 100 g of sugar, making shenanigans with the serving size pointless.


If there are Ketone’s in your blood, you’re in Ketosis.

(Joey) #6

Okay, let’s put the pork rind issue aside for a moment …

There’s no good reason for you to be testing ketones via urine if you’ve been carnivore for any length of time (2015!). Urinary ketones are an indication of excess ketones produced but not used by your body - they’re being excreted.

A ketone/fat-adapted metabolism doesn’t squander ketones like that. Your urinary ketones should decline once you’re fat adapted and, unless there’s some significant metabolic change in the works, remains fairly low.

In other words, putting aside eating carb-spiked pork rinds (no need for carbs in pork rinds), you’re wasting your time pissing on ketone sticks at this point in your carb-restricted travels. :vulcan_salute:

(Allie) #7

You just tested the ketones your body is wasting.
Congrats, you’re not wasting any.

(Edith) #8

Yeah, make sure the ingredients only say pork and salt. I’ve seen pork rinds that are fried in sunflower oil! :scream:

(Jane) #9

I know some posters probably get tired of me posting this…… but after 6 years of keto the pee sticks still work for me. Maybe they do for the OP also.

They turn pink when I eat normal keto, show no color if I go off program for a meal and turn the darkest color on the gauge when I do extended fasts. Like just now, 55 hrs into an EF.

I am not the only one here on the forum that way. Yes, we are a very small minority. I encourage folks to say “most people” when they post about the pee sticks instead of stating it as an absolute.

As we like to say…. we are all different :+1:

(Joey) #10

Fair enough … a good reminder that not everyone finds that pee strips lose their luster after a while (…I’ll try my best but will likely slip :wink: )

(Jane) #11

All good! I only see this during an EF. My body is weird …. or wasteful :laughing:

(Chris) #12

Ahh…ok. it’s not really a waste of time and I’m wanting to make sure that I was actually in ketosis. I am almost 99.9% carb free so I have got to be ketosis. I don’t know I just wanted that reassurance. I feel good so some energy must be being burnt and I’m not eating any carbs so it’s got to be fat and I eat a lot of fat! Pork belly ftw

(Chris) #13

this is the first time I’ve ever tested myself. I’ve been on this diet since mid September and I was just curious.

(KM) #14

I get the same. I know people say EF just creates dehydration so you’ve got a greater concentration. I say 1. I do my best to maintain hydration while fasting, so not sure that’s true, 2. if it’s dehydration that’s still fine, what I want to know is whether I’ve got ketones in abundance or not, it doesn’t have to be purple but this is clear evidence of ketone production, and 3. it’s still fun / satisfying to see even if it’s sort of meaningless.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

That’s correct. I saw a post here once, which I love to repeat:

The easy way to tell if you’re in ketosis is to ask yourself two questions:

A. Are you eating less than 20 g/day of carbohydrate?
B. Are you breathing in and out?

If you answer Yes to both questions, then you are in ketosis.

:grin::grin: :bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Jane) #16

I don’t buy the dehydration argument, either. My pee strip was light pink when I started my fast.

I verified the rise of ketones during an EF with my Keto Mojo several years ago. My highest reading ever on day 3 or 4 was 7.6 with a BG of 52. I felt great. My pee strip matched with dark purple.

(Chuck) #17

I got hooked on pork rinds because I read they were good for keto, and as long ad you eat only certain brands they definitely are. I could not stick to the very low carbs keto required

(Chris) #18

Where do you get them? Brand?

(Alec) #19

If you want to eat pork rinds, make your own… buy some pork belly with the skin on, salt up, cook on high for an hour, take out, separate meat from rind/skin, put rind/skin back in oven on high for 20 mins or until it becomes nice and crispy.

Let it cool, smash it up, salt liberally. Eat. Zero carbs. Tasty as hell. Fantastic for your health.

I also then make a pork non-rind crispy treat by cutting up the non-rind cooked belly into small cubes, salting up some more, and cooking again on high for another 30 mins until crispy. It doesn’t get as crispy as the rinds, but the mix of fat and pork meat is delicious. Just understand that it reduces down in size a lot, so you don’t get much volume for your meat!

(Geoffrey) #20

I use Mac’s pork rinds. The plain ones or the Chicharrones with the fat still on them. The flavored ones have sugars or other ingredients I don’t want so I stick with the plain ones. They are in my local stores. I’ve researched them and they are fried in lard.