Not guacamole!

(Dan) #1

Hidden danger of a keto diet! :wink:

Not guacamole!

(Susan) #2

Oh wow =((( that poor lady, that is scary. You would think that she would have noticed the vast taste difference; but perhaps her taste buds are not functioning properly? That is sad though, it is good she didn’t die, but it is scary.

(Laurie) #3

When I first moved to Mexico, I wasn’t used to spicy food at all. Much of the food was unfamiliar or even unrecognizable. Once I gobbled down what I thought was a mashed bean dish. In fact it was a fiery sauce. I spent the next half hour at the bathroom sink, trying to wash the heat from my mouth.

(Susan) #4

It is awesome to see you back on the forum; Laurie, are you living in Mexico now? or is this an experience you are sharing from years ago?

I hope that you are doing well, wherever you are living!

(Laurie) #5

Hi Susan, I lived in Mexico 30 years ago. I might be able to visit next summer. That might seem a weird time to go, but it kind of works for me.

(Susan) #6

Awesome, you have had a lot of fun adventures, and hopefully many more to come! That is pretty cool =).