Not fat adapted even after 4 months of zero carb carnivore?



I’ve been pure carnivore the past several months and wasn’t achieving any positive changes I expected, so I am trying a bit of experimenting at other users’ suggestions.

I ate a bunch of carbs for the first time last week (pizza with vegetables, cheeseburgers, etc.), and I did not feel any different. I always read about how carnivores feel sick or aversion towards carbs after being fat adapted, but I did not feel any different at all, which makes me believe even after all these months of being carnivore, I never became close to fat adaptation. (This among other clues, such as being hungry constantly and craving wheats/grain/sugar even after all these months of not consuming any.)

I had some issues with my bowel movements since I went carnivore, but after consuming carbs last week my stools are normal again (Bristol type 4 bowel movements every other day so far) when before I could only go once every 1-2 weeks.

The only thing is, I am now gaining weight when I have not gained a single pound the entire time I was carnivore; I’ve only lost weight since then. This is the first time I have started gaining weight since I consumed carbs.

So now I’m not really sure what’s going on. Is it possible that my genetic ancestral lineage is not predisposed to a carnivore lifestyle? I am of Southeast Asian descent, so is it a possibility that because of where I’m genetically from, carnivore is just not part of my evolutionary genetics?

(Bob M) #2

That is a possibility. What if you ate mainly carnivore, but added in some carbs, like some rice? So, not too crazy, but enough to test? (And if you’re going to add starch, you might as well add some saturated fat, such as butter, to the rice.)

If you ate nothing but meat for 4 months, I think you would have to be fat adapted in the sense that you have to be running on protein/fat.

As for gaining weight, that could easily be water weight.

As for aversion to carbs, as someone who eats near carnivore for 7+ years (nearer to carnivore now then when I started), I say “HA!” to that. Pizza still tastes great, as does ice cream. At one time, eating pizza for me would case allergies and asthma, but I have that less now after a night of pizza. But I think if I started again, eating pizza regularly, instead of a few times per year, I’d get allergies back.

(Edith) #3

I did a carnivore experiment for seven months. I have added fruit back into my diet. I also ate Angel food cake for Easter. The only ill effects were water retention. I don’t think that meant I wasn’t fat adapted, just metabolically flexible.


No, I think you are fat adapted and everything… There are very few changes true for everyone…

Nope, carnivores may still like (certain) carbs, it’s individual, people change but several months is a short time…
And while one carnivore eats a pioece of veggies and gets very unwell, the other may eat a buncgh of sugar without a big problem. We humans haven’t the same sensitivity and even ketosis, fat adaptation or doing carnivore for months can’t change this.
Cravings are individual too.
You can’t figure out things from these.
Weight change is about your energy balance, that is an even less reliable sign.

Some people has positive changes on carnivore right away. Others have negative changes for a while. Probably some people feel the same on carnivore and some just feel bad even after a longer time… I’ve heard very various stories. It’s very, very, very individual. We humans are different, with different pasts, different bodies. Our carnivore is different. Food choices, macros… Some people do bad with dairy, I need big variety and more food than some others… No wonder our experiences can’t be even remotely the same.


even at 4 mos you could require alot more internal healing.

eating those carbs and adding back in pizza and more just takes you right out of carnivore and all the good you were doing…if one goes carnivore to learn, at least keep going. Key is time on carnivore and it can be very individual for all of us.

aversion to carbs comes longer than 4 mos in the plan. Heck I am into 4 yrs and heck I still want crap every now and then but in truth, I can’t eat but a minscule bite of anything icky or my guts go wonky and I truly feel ill. I like that cause it shows me that overly processed crappy chemical ingredients and tons of sugar in a product are poison to my body. It shows me. After years I learned all this…not months.

Carnivore is required by many truly…we don’t walk into this ‘just because’…I stay here cause I need to stay here and my best healing and best life vibrancy is right here on carnivore.

You might be a ketovore. Can have some stuff and do ok but pizza and bread and more you add, heck you can’t even hold Keto Plan then :slight_smile: so just experiment a bit on you and see where you best place is to be.

being hungry constantly just means you were never eating enough meat. Simple as that. We carnis eat big when we start and many don’t understand that part, they limit their intake thus sabotaging the whole carni plan. Want of carbs takes a long time to truly disappear but with time on plan we learn, train ourselves to deal, eat well to not be hungry and give in to cravings and alot of other ‘good comes’ WITH more time on plan.

Sorry it is not a quick fix for anyone truly. Carnivore gives tons of benefits but time must be put in first and then you get the big rewards of learning how to live without plant carbs easily. But easily requires time.

So just do you as you need and see where you balance out.
One size does not fit all but if you want to see what the zero carb plan can do for you…lock it in, hunker down and do a few more months, at least commit full on to 3 more and see what changes. Only more time on plan shows you, but if you wanna bail then change things around and see what eating suits you.

We all experiment and walk this path finding us in it all. You will :slight_smile: