Not fat adapted do an extended fast?

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Anyone done a longer fast while not fat adapted?

Share your experience!

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I did 14 days once years ago. It wasn’t a water fast, though. I drank about a cup of apple cider each day in addition to water. I felt really great at the end and even didn’t want to eat because I felt so ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ inside I didn’t want to mess it up again. Looking back now from the vantage of lots more knowledge, I’m sure I was in ketosis from day 2 or 3 onwards. But I knew doodly squat at the time. I just did it for the experience.


I did the majority of my extended fasts not fat adapted, on a high-carb woe. Most of them naturally (my body didn’t want food) but my longest one wasn’t hard either. I guess it’s individual. Not too long fasts were easy for me WHEN my body cooperated. Not just at any given time.

Fasts actually got harder as I lowered my carbs for some reason. I can’t really do EF now that my default woe is carnivore-ish. Even though I can eat big meals on it now.

Same :smiley:
I had no idea about electrolytes either… It made my 4th and 5th day pretty interesting… No harm was done, though.

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“Please” often helps…

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Please help. Taking CLA [through supplementation], want to know if I stop would I get the same 1014mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid, an O6, from dietary sources.
What’s the amount in mg of CLA in beef? [Not sure if both grain fed AND grass fed matter here]

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Do an Internet search on “U.S. Department of Agriculture food composition database,” go to the USDA site, and follow the instructions to look up the various types of beef. You will be able to display all the types of fats and how much of them are in each type of beef.