NON-workout Workout?

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Well still taking it easy on my arms with tennis elbow flare up but I think I might know why now.

My shoulder posture/mobility is really suffering from sitting at a desk all day at work.

I have really been working on my shoulder and back mobility in addition to elbow tendon strengthening techniques.

I held a hollow body hold for 45 seconds and it’s opposite arch position for the same. I did a set of Australian pull-ups on rings.

No pain now but I’m going to keep working on these mobility routines to loosen up and let it heal more.

(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

Good luck, and swift healing! Glad it’s improving.

BTW, my cousin’s husband bought a variable-height desk for his home office. He loves changing his position several times during the day. Perhaps your company would let you get one? That way you wouldn’t have to be sitting all the time.

(less is more, more or less) #3

Agreed. I’m typing this on a walking desk-treadmill we share at work. I love this thing. Once you get used to it (5 mins?) I can get 10k steps in easily while I do my work. (I’m an IT manager, so lots of reports and some techie stuff) I do have a standing desk as well.


I’ve been doing brachial hangs for my shoulder issues. My shoulders feel better and doing them has also increased my grip strength and endurance. Here’s a video from Joe DeFranco:

You should look at voodoo flossing for your elbow issue. I use this technique for my feet and ankles after doing long hikes. It’s amazing how well it works; I’m sometimes so sore that I’m reduced to limping around after a long hike. After wrapping my foot and ankle with an elastic band and then mobilizing it as well as possible, the pain is largely gone and I’m able to walk normally again. Here’s a video for voodoo flossing of the elbow and forearm:

(Vladaar Malane) #5

Did some core workout today. Aside from lots of mobility exercises, I’m adding in some tumbling work as well. Nothing big, just some somersault, and cartwheel work which is supposed to make it safer for working on your handstands. Giving you a escape route if you will when you lose it from the handstand.

I managed a 60 second hollow body hold today. Even with my injury of tennis elbow I think I get better results from my exercise then Keto. Plateaus suck. LoL.

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would like to say remember to sleep in a neutral position on your back as best as you can every night. this allows for everything in the body to rest in an optimal position and can re-align the body and create symmetry.
I used to have a terrible habit of sleeping on my stomach and that caused me a lot of problems!! :scream: