Non perishable keto food?

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I’m looking to up my non perishable keto food menu. My normal supply consists of nuts/seeds/ coconut oil, beef jerky, canned meat and fish, etc. I’m curious who all might have a different angle on this…Thanks!

(Joey) #2

Sounds like you’ve got the prime menu items nailed down.

Of course, one needs to go easy on the nuts/seeds. For most of us it’s a portion-control disaster waiting to happen. Depends how strict you’re being with your carbs on this front.

Another possibility: pork rinds (they keep nicely).

Most everything else I can think of travels well (hard boiled eggs, hard cheese, salami, etc.) but I wouldn’t describe them as non-perishable.

Considering coconut oil as a menu item strikes me as a bit odd, but to each her/his own.

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Not too strict with carbs. Dried kale is one I forgot to mention. I’m asking about keto foods with 2-5 shelf life. Pork rinds :love_you_gesture:. On my list!

Coconut oil is the only thing that prevents me from pure carnivore at times. I feel like I need a few spoonfuls daily. Just me.

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If it’s carnivore you’re aiming for, I’d give further thought to the nuts/seeds. Not against eating them, personally, just saying :wink:

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No. Sorry. I’m not a good communicator.

Historically I do carnivore. But I normally just buy a loin, rib, shoulder, fillet and just eat that until I run out. But I still feel better with a few TBSP of coconut oil.


My only take is that salt can be a trigger for me to overeat some of these foods. I try and eat clean and very little non-perishable food. In my bunker, I do have Costco’s wild salmon and a variety of other fish and protein sources. Walnuts would definitely work. I store them in an air-tight container and in the fridge.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #7

Pork rinds, cheese, pepperoni.

Sorry, though; I don’t know any food that will last 2-5 years. Even canned goods should be rotated.


Canned stuff may do it. Walnuts in their shell may survive 2 years too (I know as I broke zillion >2 years old walnuts lately. not 100% good but mostly. they were just kept outside of my house, surely got lots of humidity but the unbroken shells are very protective)… My canned things in their jars easily last way more.
I only one know one immortal food but that’s not keto. Honey :smiley:

Fortunately we have a wide selection for a long trip and that’s what usually matters for us :wink:

I don’t even know how long ghee last… Coconut oil probably has a very long shelf life.

EDIT: I wrote wrong, it was below 1.5 years this time but I do have experiences with more than 2 years old walnuts. But I don’t suppose they would be good for much longer… Unlike canned things.


canned tuna and salmon, Canned vegetables (green beans, peas, tomatoes, etc.)