No weight lose at all on Keto..please help!



Alex let’s do this! Still no weight lose for me (only gain) , but I’m not going to jack it in just yet, I still feel there’s hope!
Sorry you’re in the same boat as me, but it makes me feel better I’m not the odd one out😂
I just downloaded yet another book recommend by a helpful person here, it looks rawer in its approach, so I’m going to give it a try!


‘The Essential Keto Cookbook’ by Louise and Jeremy Hendon

I downloaded it for free off Amazon.

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Hey Gals (too bad there’s not an @gals!), yous gals who have been here and done that and broke through it. Where are you? We need some input here.

@Faisca @Alex_Segrest just try to keep in mind that keto is not a quick weight loss diet, despite the fact that lots of folks lose lots of weight fast. Don’t allow yourselves to get discouraged by others’ successes nor compare yourselves to them. Keto is a metabolic normalization process and, yes, normalization of weight is generally one of the results - eventually. It just may not happen as fast or exactly in the way you think it should or hope. And the end result may not be what you thought it ought to be. A lot of stuff happens when you start keto, and much of it often takes precedence over weight/fat loss. The more that needs to be fixed, the longer it takes to fix it all. Just give yourself time and fuel and it will happen. Stay in ketosis consistently - one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is maintain insulin low enough to let your fat cells empty themselves.


Hey Michael

Today is actually the first time in six weeks I’ve deviated slightly by baking Keto cookies with dark chocolate, more of a comfort thing as I’m fed up!! I also have taken a break from exercise today, which I had increased back up to 1.5 ours plus daily (HIIT, weights and flexibility), just of a kinda of amused downer!!

I’ve also been on a 10 day course of antibiotics for an abscess, which has interfered in my fast lengths, but they finish today. So I’ve just written this off as a bad day (first time I’ve reached 20g net carbs and 1500 calories instead of 1000-1200 with exercise not included). I just had my second tablespoon of Mct oil (usually just have one a day), and will do a 24-48 wet fast tomorrow. Then start again eating after this, but ditching all dairy and peanut butter!

Thank you so very much for your encouragement, I literally opened my email and saw you’re msg after munching the Keto cookie, and it has re motivated me!
Means a lot!


Actually just checked my macros, it’s actually 11g net carbs

97g fat

66g protein

So I guess if this is a bad day, it’s not too long bad! :joy:

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@Faisca You are eating a little over 1000 calories a day. The Minnesota Starvation Study back during World War II defined 1600 calories as a starvation diet. Are you sure you’re getting enough food to persuade your body that you can afford to lose weight?


The thing is Paul, going Keto for the last 6 weeks is the first time I’ve eaten properly in years, literally.
Prior to this I’d either be: fasting, OMAD, low fat, etc…and prior to lock down, back to back exercise (intensive) for 3-5 hours, at least 4 - 5 times a week while fasted (usually dry).

That has been my routine for years, I’ve spent a lot of time living abroad and eating healthily, Mediterranean type cuisine, albeit not often, and sustained my weight easily. Looking back on it, I was totally fat adapted, I just didn’t realise that was what kept me slim, incredibly fit, with ridiculous stamina.

So when I returned to the UK, I still trained very hard daily, but although not eating much, started to eat carbs in abundance compared to how I’d been abroad for 7 years. It was then I started to gain weight, even when my daily calorie deficit was huge with the exercise. Nothing worked, I’d stopped being fat adapted, and eating carbs in my ignorance, made my body hold on to the weight.
And here I am, 8 kilos plus later!

So eating Keto now is the first time I’m eating like this in forever, which is why I think I’ve gained 1-2 kilos since starting Keto, even though I’m on 12-1400 calories maximum. Which is an increase of at least 200-400 calories which I was doing at the beginning. I meticulous record my daily meals on ‘my fitness pal’, so nutrients and macros are broken down as well as calories, exercise etc…

I have a theory, that if I continue with Keto, that eventually my body will feel safe enough to let me start burning stored fat as fuel. But in order to get there, I have to go through this initial gain, while it re- adjusts itself!

That’s what I’m hoping :joy:
And I’ve cut down on exercise, to 1.5 hours 5-6 times a week, in using stretching and flexibility.

I hope my theory works, I’m basically just going along with it, hoping I won’t gain anymore as to depress me so I give up.

I’m also (or have been) following specific meal plans in various books, and Diet Dr, just mixed and matched to accommodate my pescarian (non seafood except fish) diet. So I’m eating what the ‘experts’ tell me.

And for the record, I increased my calories a few weeks back by 200-400 on your recommendation!

I literally can’t eat anymore, I’m so full!

One thing I forgot to say is I consume at least 6-8 tablespoons a day of Apple Cider Vinegar (organic with mother), and started too do this about 4 weeks a go, about the same time I began to gain weight.

I checked one it was Keto friendly, is this the case?