No one wants to hear it

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People and my doctor HATE Keto. Yet blood work shows all badness is lower, I have less fat on me, inches are diminishing on my body, I wake up earlier, eat Superior food, I’m down 40 lbs, still have 50 or 60 to go…but really. Don’t listen or explain your progress. Just tell people you are eating healthy…and not drinking. If they ARE TRULY interested in your weight loss, THEN tell them Keto living is great


I try, believe me I try. My parents and my inlaws could all benefit from this WOE. They know it has helped both me and my wife with weight loss and other anti-inflammatory ailments, but they still sit around lamenting about their diabetes, blood pressure etc etc, sighing and whinging with their ‘what can you do?’ mantra. Most of the time I interject, but their response is usually “you’re younger”, you’re a unique case", “it’s too hard”. And then other times I’m just like…

It’s frustrating.


I was stuck at 79kg for 6 months and in the crazy self-destructing cycle of diet-hunger-“i give up, pass me the bag of chips”-i’ll exercise it off” for about a year. My histamine intolerance symptoms were out of control, I was bloated, sad, mad… On the 1st of May I decided that this is not working and I’ll try “that keto thing my husband tried once a few years ago,” because swimsuit season is near. Who knew it would be the best decision of my life! :slight_smile:
In my country, LCHF is more popular than keto (but even the majority’s LCHF can’t be defined as low-carb-i doubt they’re fat adapted, they eat 5x a day, etc) and it can be pretty difficult to adjust your daily life to keto - I know, I’ve been through it. All you have to do is is stand up for yourself and do the right thing. Are people willing to put some big pants on and try harder? My MiL gained about 10kg in these past few months and she blames it on the lack of exercise. :wink: My FiL let is slip that his blood sugar is “just a little high” but he doesn’t care, because he has to die of something. My friend has 140kg, she can’t lose the weight and she hears me, but she won’t listen. Change takes courage and time, just like quitting smoking, drinking or any other bad habit, they’re just not willing to put in the time. That donut still looks too good to pass up.

My mom, however, is a different animal - she doesn’t care what we do, as long as we are thin :joy: I have her genes and all the allergies, so our bodies are very similar in chemistry. She intuitively eats well - she rarely ate higher-carbs, if she had cake she didn’t eat afterwards (we always had both, right :joy:), she actually fasts (we now know how to call it :joy:), etc. She sees how much better I’m doing, since my histamine intolerance+weight are under control and she proudly uses me to explain keto to others, that it works, that it can be easy, her partner had T2D and she gave him my copy of Fung’s The Obesity Code to read, etc. She even took notes when I explained her Attia and Fung’s suitcase analogy. :joy:

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In some parts there is a quiet improvement going on. My oldest works in a public library and sees the new books when they come in. Many of the books are purchased as a result of requests from patrons.

She is see many keto cookbooks and recipe books. They get checked out right away. Someone is requesting these and reading these.

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I’m not religious in the monotheistic way, but I DO believe that if you “|ask, you will receive”. Just gotta learn to Listen, and sometimes that Listening happens whether you want to or not lol, as in the case of @RightNOW’s dream experience.

For years, I kept asking about how we used to do things, as in thousands of years ago without all our modern conveniences. On day in January 2011, at 205+lbs, I was at Chapters, and the book Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf fell on my foot. It could have been like Edison and landed on my head but noooo we’re far too cautious for that lol. I couldn’t afford it then, but six months later I went back and bought it, and it started me down this healthy eating path.

I asked, and I received. :smiley:

On the counter-side, there’s “be careful what you ask for” lol


True, our bookstores are offering more books on keto and translated versions are popping up regularly.

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Posted in my trail running group, Why I exercise and eat healthy…:


So true…

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I’m 64 and its working for me…and my husband age 67 ALSO for my Aunt who is 82!!! I think people don’t want to change. Yes there is more cooking, buying pricey items but for me to actually reach something I thought was unobtainable IS SO WORTH the time spent cooking and extra money put out! As a matter of fact, when we added up our eating out totals and alcohol totals for 1 month we were shocked!!! So for us we are now spending less.

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I think a lot of people want ‘to hear about it’. The problem is so few want to ‘do anything about it’.

Everyone wants to hear there’s a way to avoid obesity, diabetes and coronary disease; to ameliorate, reverse and/or cure a growing number of age related maladies; to enjoy a happy, healthy and long life. If you offered a magic pill scientifically proven beyond doubt to do all that and more and only required taking it once a day with water, only the few would do it more than a week. The many would think it too onerous, too tedious, too expensive or just too much effort. They want a magic wand.

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Yeah I just tell people I’m on a sugar detox or elimination diet for food allergies. They shut up then because I am no longer interested in sharing. One very sick diabetic I knew at church was not interested in some advice I nicely imparted when he asked. I eventually made a casserole for his funeral. Yet I live in hope but like politics you can’t change anyone’s mind. They have to themselves.


I’ve had experiences similar to many of you but I developed a very thick skin about it 20 years ago, being in a very unique situation.

I worked for the largest healthy cooking magazine in the US for about ten years. Back then, healthy cooking meant low cal, low fat. I read the research and became very aware of big food lobbying and the impact on the USDA and their darn messed up food pyramid. I started Atkins and lost 40 pounds. I did my research. I routinely had to answer the question “how are you losing weight?” to my co-workers- professionals in the “heathy” food business - the dietitians, professional chefs, editors, exercise physiologists, food chemists, and physicians.

I was working every day among 50+ people who vehemently disagreed with me and low-carb, like it was their job! Because it literally was.

I’ll never forget the looks on their faces, around the conference room table during a staff pizza party when I slid all the toppings off and set the crust aside. Hahaha! And now, over 20 years later, they had to finally accept it was okay to eat an egg, that not all fats were evil, that “light” foods could actually be bad for you, that margarine is not better than butter, etc.

If I still worked there… I’d love to tell them “I told you so!” Oh, wait. It’s not a magazine anymore. :smile:

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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”—Upton Sinclair

The references to a “magic pill” reminded me that The Magic Pill is still available on Netflix. It is a very touching documentary about the power of a low-carb/ketogenic diet to heal.

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Tomorrow, when I go to my cardiologist appointment, I’m going to tell the nurse assistant to put in my file that I have been low carb/keto since January 1, 2014, I just got a CAC scan and got a zero score, and I believe everything they say about saturated fat and diet is wrong. I’ll let you know how that goes over. :wink:

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Hehe, good luck, Bob =).

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I have stopped explaining too - I tell them to watch the movie “the magic pill” on Netflix - if that doesn’t get people’s attention then I don’t know what would.

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I think you’re right. People were just brainwashed like we all were to eat whole grains and fruits and oatmeal. Just today at lunch today, my co-worker said that wasn’t eating normal foods??? I’m like how is my whole foods not normal and we all got into a pretty heated discussion. They couldn’t fathom how I don’t eat fruit or whole wheat and one said that his wife made sour dough bread with no yeast or added sugar but she still used wheat flour so I just had to listen to him and then defend my diet and say, you know what if this is “Good for us” why are we so f’ng fat??? I think I’ll just eat in my office from now on. SMH…

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I just posted this on my FB today, after lots of recent questions from friends and relatives- I have had lots of people ask about my diet/ weight loss over the last year. First, I am not selling anything, and even though I will talk to anyone who is interested, I am not trying to “convert” anyone; do what you want, it’s your body and life. I started Keto last July, and it is the perfect plan, for me. Last time I weighed this little was in the early 1990s, and I feel better than I have in a long long time. I can sleep less, with less joint problems, and I haven’t been to the gym in months, and it’s great not being hungry all the time- I’ve even fasted up to 30 hours with no problems or hunger. If you have problems with, or want to avoid, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, bipolar, migraines, joint problems, gluten issues, Alzheimers, epilepsy, and some types of cancer, you might want to look into a ketogenic diet. You can do it while being vegetarian or vegan, and you don’t have to use artificial sweeteners, up to you. You can still have your favorite carby foods, occasionally and in smaller servings, but there are also tons of recipes for the low-carb alternatives for many things- just look up “Keto” or “low-carb” recipes online. Really recommend the 2 Keto Dudes or Low Carb MD podcasts, especially if you’re just starting. Lots of great books available, our library has plenty Okay, that’s it from me.

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Kinda says it all right there, @Diygurl19 !


That’s just people for you, Patrick. They love to tear you down when they see you succeed. Envious, jealous, call it what you want. Their complaints about the diet is an excuse for them to keep eating the doughnuts. Meanwhile you look great and they can’t figure out how you did it.