No one wants fruits or vegetables


this is awesome


omg too funny…is an orange worth it? There isn’t even chocolate in it when done with that work to eat it LOL

veggie tray is a waste of money, so true HAHA

Love it!! You post great things :slight_smile:


Is something linked from a spammy website or something? I’ve got a hole!

(Susan) #4

I have the same image as you @ifod14


google jim gaffigan fruits vegetables

and you will find it. safer than clicking links

(charlie3) #6

Today’s salad before homemade oil and vinegar dressing. Fills me up to prevent binge eating.

(Susan) #7

If I ate that that would be an OMAD for me and I couldn’t eat anything else --especially with all those carbs --I always eat under 20, I know that you are able to eat much more, but I don’t go above 20 except for on rare occasions (Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve). This year I won’t even be doing that for Mother’s Day =).

(charlie3) #8

I weight the ingredients so Cronometer can tell me the micro nutrients. According to Crono you are looking at 30 grams NET carbs. Crono says total carbs adds up to 280 calories which is about 10% of total calories. My daily calories burned is 1,700 RMR + 1,100 exercise activity
= 2,800 calories. I would like to believe that the activity more than compensates for the higher carbs. Am I right?

(Susan) #9

For you, yes, I think you are doing awesome =). I am a short woman (5 foot 2 inches) and I still have to lose 96 more pounds to get to goal weight, and I have to keep my carbs as low as possible, the lower the better but I don’t want to be a Carnivore as I like Coconut products and some vegetables =). I think from reading many of your posts that a higher carb limit and a higher caloric intake works great for you =). You are doing amazingly well with your Keto WOE. I have to just do mine with a lot lower carbs and calories or I will not lose weight is all!

(charlie3) #10

Im sure you’re right about your situation. I only say what I do, not what other people should do. My body fat cutting phase was a couple years ago. For that I eat twice a day maintenance calories, 6 days a week then no food one day a week (36 hours). So the calorie deficit was calories burned on the no eating day. So the noticable suffering was confined to one day a week. Back then skipping breakfast got freaky sometimes. Today it seems like I’m so well fat adapted I can feel some hunger but never the carb panics of the past.

(Susan) #11

That is great =). I do TMAD 20:4 IF daily and keep my carbs as low as possible (with 20 as an absolute maximum, normally way lower) and I eat very little dairy (many days none at all).

(Donna) #12

This is HYSTERICAL…Thanks so very much for this NEEDED and appreciated humour in these times…This is what true ‘sharing’ is all about. Bravo you!!