No more snoring!


For the last 10 years my snoring has gradually been escalating, getting worse and worse.

2 months on keto, 16kgs (35lbs) lighter and pretty much all my snoring has stopped! My wife is very happy.

(Karen) #2

Seems to be worse with heavier people. I still snore a bit. Congrats!!

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #3

My wife lost 8+kgs in the first couple of months, and her snoring disappeared unless she’s got a cold (which, given she’s often working with kids, is a bit too often) but even then, it’s way better than it was normally.

(John) #4

Even though I would love to get down to where I no longer needed to use a CPAP machine at night, I have little hope of that. When I was in my 20s, in great shape, and under 180 pounds, before I was married, my apartment-mate told me that I could snore louder than he can yell.

I also have central apnea in addition to obstructive, which means that occasionally my brain just decides to stop breathing for 30 seconds or so. The CPAP machine picks up on that and ramps up the air pressure to kind of remind me to breathe.

(Laurie) #5

That’s great, @ChrisW! I had read that extra weight can contribute to snoring. Probably I snore. Maybe if I stop, someone will mention that I stopped.


Even though I wasn’t hugely overweight to begin with, I think mine was due to the perfect storm of having an overbite, a deviated septum and then the extra weight on top of that.

Saying that though, my father who is only a few kilos heavier than me still snores like a freight train, but I think he might have a similar problem to what JohnH described.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #7

An unusual but very useful metric :slight_smile:


After about 6 to 8 weeks doing Keto, my wife said she noticed I wasn’t snoring as bad as I used to, and that I seemed to sleep better, since I didn’t fidget around as much and seemed I was getting a better, restful sleep.

(Karen) #9

My husband is deaf. This is usually a good thing when I am sleeping, and possibly snoring, at night. Because he is deaf he uses a vibrating alarm clock, which attaches to the underside of his pillow . It actually vibrates the bed. It used to wake me up but you can get used to all kinds of things. Turns out at night, sometimes I’m snoring really loudly. He can’t hear it, but It occasionally vibrates the bed. One night he woke up at about 2 AM because the bed was vibrating and he thought it was his alarm clock. It seems I can snore loudly enough to wake the deaf. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #10

Long setup but well worth it for the brilliant execution :slight_smile:

(Wasabi) #11

Yes, me too. Since I started in May I’m down 130 lbs, and one of the great benefits of losing all that mass, is my sleep apnea has gone away. My work has paid for my cpap machine, but without the need now, I wish they would pay for something else, since I’m saving them money lol.

Sleep was good before, but now it’s great. My new Apple Watch tells me how deep my sleep is, and I’m impressed with the results!


Far out @Wasabi - bang up job :open_mouth: And kudos on the improved sleep - it must feel amazing!


My husband stopped snoring almost immediately after going low carb - prior to any significant weight loss. It was weird but awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

(Doug) #14

Huge NSV. :star2::sunglasses:


I also got to put away all my CPAP equipment after keto and significant weight loss, and enjoy sleep without snoring. I was a very faithful user of my CPAP machine, keeping it well-maintained, checked out the data it used to spit onto its SD card, and was able to sleep well with it every night despite basically having a mask blowing out air onto your face the whole time. I’d embraced it as the way things were, and were going to be, and that was fine.

I haven’t had a formal follow-up with my sleep specialist nor done a sleep study in a while, so it’s possible I still have some sleep issues that might still actually need a CPAP. However I no longer snore and I feel rested on the nights when I do actually get some solid sleep, so I’m not using it. I am considering following up some time in the next few months so I can truly release myself from all of it (the insurance company not trusting patients with compliance, equipment suppliers grossly overcharging, etc).

(Eric) #16

My snoring is better unless I have been drinking. I use a nose strip most nights and I sleep better, much better with it.


I use the Breath Right nasal strips pretty much every night. While they gave me a better sleep and helped me breath better, they never stopped my snoring pre keto.

(Eric) #18

I use a generic brand to save $. They always stay on. I never tired them pre-keto. I am positive weight loss helps with snoring.

(I Am The Egg Man ku-ku-kachoo) #19

Although I somehow “passed” the apnia sleep test my doc gave me 2 years ago, thus avoiding the prescription of a cpap, I’m sure it’s been needed. My wife has described my nighttime breathing as someone suffocating jabba the hut in a puddle.
I started keto June first and my wife noticed my improved breathing in 3-4 months. I did too, as my afternoon naps diminished and then stopped. A few weeks ago she woke me from a deep sleep… she told me that I was face down (unusual for me as my belly used to be too big to sleep that way) and SO quietly sleeping she panicked and thought maybe I was dead.

Another reason to do this: Peace of mind for my wife. :confused:


I do this with my husband :laughing: I used to wake him to stop him snoring & now it’s for pulse checks.