No More Extra Salt For Me

(Shar) #1

On two of my last 8 days I added 3/4 tsp of salt to my daily water jug. On the mornings after those days I noticed that my weight went up by 3-5 lbs. And of course it’s probably water retention. It happened again last night.

So I went back into the Cronometer app and looked at my sodium totals for each day. Looks like I’m probably getting plenty of salt each day based on the foods that I’m consuming like ham, cheeses, occasional pork rinds, etc. Every day thus far the app showed that my sodium has been around 3500 and some days even closer to 6!!! Crazy! On none of the days was it ever under 3000.

So yeah, think I’m just gonna stop adding additional salt. Just doesn’t make any sense to me to add over that amount since obviously it seems to be making me retain water and not flushing out any extra. I don’t know.

(Liz ) #2

Yeah I hear you. On the one hand I know if your salt is low, insulin will go up to help you retain what you have. But also some people do get a reaction to too much salt. I don’t know what camp I’m in yet: camp too much salt or camp not enough salt but I do find myself retaining water so I have to figure it out. I guess the first thing to do is try too much? N=1

Would be interested to hear other folks’ experiences finding the right salt level.

(Brandy Fischbach) #3

I also swell if I add additional salt and end up gaining water weight. I don’t supplement salt anymore.

(Shar) #4

Yeah I’m seriously thinking of just ditching the extra. The only other thing I can think of trying differently is adding more potassium to see if that evens it all out. BUT, I would only be taking the potassium to help with water balance because it’s not like I feel crampy or anything. And, on that app I did notice that it does say my potassium levels have been on the low end. Depending on what I eat, my levels have mostly been around only 24% of my daily needs.

Ugh, but I don’t know if I want to add yet ANOTHER supplement or two to my list. As it stands now I already take all of the following and have been for years before even starting Keto…

Lisinopril (20mg 2x day)
Metformin (not diabetic but was put on it by my endocrinologist to help w/IR) (500mg, 2 tab, 2x day)
Hydrochlorothiazide (50mg once a day)
B12 (1000mcg once a day)
Vitamin C (500mg once a day)
FIsh Oil (1200mg 3 a day)

Do I really want to add more? Not sure.

(Ken) #5

Merely ganing water weight should not be a determinant of salt intake. It is not relevant to fat gain or loss, and shows an unhealthy fixation on the scale. It’s a matter of how you feel, and your overall health. If additional salt is a positive, you should continue to consume it. If you want to restrict it occasionally in order to get a lower scale number, then drop it for 48hrs before you get on the scale. (Including salty foods) Myself, I know from my vascularity if I’d be getting an accurate scale reading, I just don’t bother if I know I’m retaining water.

(Olivia) #6

I don’t add extra salt for “supplementation”. I used to drink broth but would experience heart palpitations afterwards. I think a large percentage of the claimed benefits of adding salt to negative keto side effects is merely placebo.

(Shar) #7

Yes, I understand this. But the only reason I got on the scale on those mornings after consuming extra salt is because I could FEEL it. My rings on my fingers were really tight so I hopped on the scale and sure enough, 5lbs extra!! Just wanted to monitor it all somewhat to see where I stood with adding it. IMO, I don’t FEEL any better or worse when adding the extra vs. not. The only way I feel a difference in anything is in the bloat.

But to be honest, I do feel when I go to do my weekly weigh ins that I won’t be getting my true numbers if I am retaining water constantly. That’s what has me second guessing adding the extra too. 'Cause when and how will I know my true weight if I’m always bloated? Ya know?

And I already drink between a gallon and 1.5 gallons of water a day. Just been averaging out to that based on my natural thirst now whereas in the beginning I was drinking so much based on my weight. Either way, not sure I could fit more in if I needed to. LOL

(Ken) #8

Very possible in many instances. However, on a personal note, I’ve recently upped my salt intake, and it has made sleeping all through the night normal, as well as making OMAD comfortable.

(Ken) #9

If you don’t experience a positive, then there’s no need to do it.

(Shar) #10

True. I’m just so early into this that I don’t want to make a rash decision one way or the other too soon.

(Karen) #11

Yesterday did nothing but drink bone broth. SALTY, delicious. I have water retention and a head ache today. I think it’s too much salt for me.


(Chris) #12

My sleep has improved greatly since supplementing with iodized salt pre and post workout, along with a heavy hand on my 2 meals

(Shar) #13

I too get headaches when I take in extra.

(Ken) #14

Iodine is an interesting subject. It appears to be fairly beneficial to those with some degree of hypothyroidism, like myself. One hypothesis is that it is more common with those with type O blood, the youngest blood type on the evolutionary scale. (About 1.5 million years ago, during the time of the Erectines, as evolution towards obligate carnivory was going full steam) I’ve gone to adding one drop of medicinal iodine to one of my glasses of water each day.

(Chris) #15

Interesting theory. Wouldn’t you know it, Im O+

(Shar) #16

I’m B-

(Chris) #17

This rant got me trying the sodium supplementation. I believe Im a fan. And yes, though the scale may run a little high for a few days, you do balance out. and if you cut out the extra sodium for 2 days, watch that scape number drop!

(Shar) #18

Hmmmmm, listening to him now makes me want to stick with it. LOL Perhaps I should give it a good week to see what happens? Maybe do it for 4 days, then stop until I get my weigh in in then add it back in again (4 on, 3 off to come down to weight/water release)? Uggghhhh what to do, what to do? LOL

Side note, it is iodized salt that I have been using/adding to my water and my foods.

(Ken) #19

I first learned about water flux due to salt nearly 20 years ago. It was before Easter, and some nice, fatty cured ham went on sale. I think they were Cook’s, back then they had a lot more fat on 'em and were delicious right out of the package without cooking again. Needless to say, they were pure salty, fatty, porky goodness. I chowed down and quickly gained and then maintained nearly 15 extra pounds while the ham lasted. But, two days after that it all was gone. Since then I’m pretty relaxed about salt induced water retention.


I think this is a case of N=1 here because I know that salt supplementation has helped me greatly! It’s almost the opposite of your reaction. I was having heart palpitations and racing heart. Adding more salt under my tongue several times a day has dramatically improved that problem. Have you listened to the “The Salt Fix” episode on 2 Keto Dudes podcast? (

While I can appreciate it may not have a positive impact on you peronally, I think calling it “placebo” may be a a bit of bridge too far.