No more big dinner?

(Denise) #1

I’m pretty sure I’ve read about folks that don’t really have a whole meal for dinner, but lastnight was a weird one for me. I’d had my usual large breakfast, then a sort of snack with my usual blueberries, yogurt and walnuts at about 2 or 3, really can’t remember now.

I also had a few peanuts in the shell. I just wasn’t hungry at all when dinner-time came around so I skipped it but was worried I might get way hungry late into the evening, or in the night. So I just had 2 boiled eggs, and that’s it. I never got hungry at all. I get so tired of cooking dinner, and think I could skip it altogether.


You can, as long as you’re not under eating as a result. Take a look at what you eat as a whole, for many, hunger isn’t a good determination of that. As long as you’re getting the right amount of fuel in for you, then you can arrange that any way you like.


I usually have a full meal for dinner but it’s often quite small in my world especially compared to my lunch… I had bigger lunches and smaller dinners even before but things changed lately… Sometimes I just eat a snack sized dinner for fun and making sure I had enough (and because with my smaller carni meals it’s not that trivial to get my minimal amount of protein, 120g especially without eating a ton of fat. some extra protein bites for dinner sounds good to me).
I still have my 1500 kcal lunches sometimes and I really don’t need much for dinner then…
But when I eat smaller meals (only 1000 kcal for lunch, it’s crazy), I often have 2 additional tiny meals. As long as my macros are good and I feel right (and I avoid those crazy 5 meals days, that’s not convenient), I don’t mind if I eat once ot twice or thrice or if my dinner is a quarter of my lunch…

(Denise) #4

Makes sense, it’s just amazing to see how ketogenic diet is changing my eating habits, for the good!! I’ll check out my total intake for yesterday and see. I can plug it into MFP (myfitnesspal)

Thanks ifod :wink: