No! Grass fed is NOT a keto rule

(Doug) #210

You could run a lot of chinchillas on that spread.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #211

That may be the case, but unless a few of my local merchants are outright lying, it can’t always be the case. In particular, I’m not even talking about the vendor that sells the product pictured above (touting 100% grass fed and finished), but my local butcher that sells pasture-raised meat pretty much exclusively.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #212

I detest vegetarian/vegan dogmatism, but it seems to me that you’ve got an ax to grind. You argue about this with a lot of emotion, and while I appreciate and share much of your passion, I don’t think you’re always arguing logically.

For instance, cow farts DO contribute – significantly – to climate change. And some of the claims you say vegans make are straw men (appropriately, given that we’re talking about hay!)

You don’t have to be a climate change denier or a conservative, nor do you have to disclaim every single claim environmentalists make, in order to be low carb. I eat loads of meat, and as often as possible that meat is pasture-raised. I don’t really need double blind randomized controlled trials to tell me that pasture raised meat is likely healthier for you than industrially farmed animals. It’s beyond obvious that this is the case, and I think outright denial of this claim is dogmatism, pure and simple.

(Chris) #213

Food for thought on cows contribution to environmental concerns of late. We shouldn’t blame them.

(Ken) #214

We’re going to have to disagree here, as I’d assert there is virtually no evidence of Anthropogenic Climate Change based on Mankind’s 3-5% yearly production of atmospheric CO2. What you have are very fanciful correlation-causation fallacies and unproven models. Water vapor is a much larger driver of Climate, as are Solar and Oceanic temperature oscillations. Cow farts fall into that category.

If we want to debate Global Warming we should do it on another thread. Methane is minor, the reason they use PPB is to make the amount appear larger to the uninformed.

I have no axe to grind, however, I do feel slightly offended when being intentionally lied to, as the main thing liars have in common is believing the people they lie to are stupid enough to believe them.

(Lauren) #215

Did I say the meat YOU buy is not exclusively grass fed? Nope. Pretty sure I didn’t. I’m not there and I’m pretty sure I’ve never spoken to your butcher.

I only pointed out, as have so many others, that the term “grass fed” can be misleading. Many (not all. Reading comprehension!) products labeled grass fed are indeed fed grains at some point. That’s all I had to contribute.

Seems like there is more than one person axe-grinding in here.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #216

I don’t think that what I wrote deserves this tone in response. Please re-read what I wrote and I ask you not to assume that my tone is derisive. It isn’t!

Not at all. I’m voicing an opinion. I realize that for some reason it’s controversial on this forum (or at least in this topic), but I certainly don’t come with an agenda. Just IMHO!

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #217

That’s ok – we’ve established here you’re a climate change denier, which means you don’t accept the consensus view of 97%+ of the scientists in the relevant field. No need to start a new thread imho! Let’s agree to disagree.

However: if you accept the consensus scientific position (which I contend ought to be the starting point for any discussion on any forum, including this one), then methane is definitely more than a “minor” contributor to GHG pollution.

I mean this kindly and with no derision: I’m quite happy for you to continue eating grain fed animals, believing there’s no advantage to eating pasture-raised, and denying climate change. But I ask that you not say I’m “lying” when I disagree fundamentally with you on those views.

(Rachel) #218

Newbie says, “Whew!” I don’t even know where I’d get grass fed meat. Thank you for being so candid about it. :smile:

(Lauren) #219

I think it’s just a little bit hypocritical to assume my post had a certain tone, while at the same time asking me not to assume that your post had a certain tone.

I was only here to give some insight into what “grass fed” actually means from someone in the industry. I never gave an opinion on which is better, because it’s none of my business how someone chooses to buy their meat. And I am not self-absorbed enough to believe that my opinion should be crammed down someone else’s throat.

At any rate, I will keep my delicious partially grain-fed “grass-fed” beef. And I will continue to not care which version of meat you, or anyone else, choose to eat.

(Ken) #220

I’m not sure you understood my post, I intentionally tried to be very clear. In no way, shape, or form did I assert that there was not Climate Change. What I did write was that I didn’t believe Mankind’s very minor contribution to atmospheric CO2 was causing it. This is a science based belief, not an indoctrinated one based on Subjective Morality. So in that sense, yes I deny the religious belief of man made climate change. All changes we’re experiencing fall well within historical norms, and there is no such thing as consensus science as the Scientific Method is what determines scientific validity.

As I’ve said before, be happy with your religious beliefs.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #221

Ah yes, a religious belief… held by 90%+ of climate scientists. Those dogmatists!

The IPCC… and practically every scientific association on the face of the planet. Leftist conspiracy nuts who “believe” in anthropogenic climate change!

The earth is flat… doesn’t matter if 99.9999% of scientists believe otherwise. The scientific method isn’t based on consensus. If there’s one scientist who believes otherwise, he might be right!


(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #222

I want to add that it’s VERY telling that the Venn diagram of climate change deniers and anti-grass-fed beef people might as well just be a single circle. There seems to be that much correlation here.

(Ken) #223

Here’s a few links to debunk that religious nonsense.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #224

With all due respect, the science speaks for itself. I’m not debating climate science with you. It’s seriously exactly like arguing with a flat earther.

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This shit is so off the rails. Come on y’all this ain’t facebook.

Be nice…its the only damn rule we have really.