No end in sight?


Hi everybody,

I have been on and off keto a couple of times now. The main reason I quit keto after a while is mainly due to the fact that I simply lose too much weight.
Let‘s take a look at this episode as an example.

I started keto about 7 weeks ago. Lost 10 kilos.
And that is simply too much. Eventually not for now, but it cannot go on like that. A few more weeks and I would simply be too slimmed down.
It is not that I would not feel good. Actually I feel really good. I am eating enough I’d say, at least I never feel hungry. Especially after some sports (roadcycling up to 80 - 90 km) I cannot eat nearly the amount of calories I burnt during the workout.

Anybody else with a similar experience? Any good ideas what to do about it?
Thanks a lot

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Congratulations on your success.

If you want to maintain weight and not lose, I would up the carbs in general. IDN, but I think fifty is standard for maintenance. Try it and see. If you continue to lose, keep upping the carbs.


Sounds like a plan, I am about 10 to 15 g/d at the moment.

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Eat those veggies that you love, and a small amount of fruit - things that you stopped while on keto. Enjoy!


this should be MY problem. :wink:

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I know, right!?


Oh, I already eat loads of veggies:
Leeks, brussels, broccoli, zucchini etc, just those with barely any carbs :grin:

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If your thyroid is normal, yes, you can. There are keto athletes out there eating several thousand calories per day. Eating carbs is not the solution. Fat is 2 1/2 times more energy dense than carbs. If you aren’t eating enough fat for fuel, you will be even worse on carbs.

You’re filling yourself with nutrient-dilute vegetables. Eat less (or none) of those to make room for more fat. If you think you can’t eat more fat, expand your horizons of possibility. There are many good fats that are very palatable and if you seek you shall find. If your thyroid is not normal, that’s a different situation you’ll have to deal with.

@FishChris may have some ideas about eating higher calories.


Did you try out various food items and macros?
I never had your problem, my energy need isn’t even high but I know what satiates me, what isn’t so I am positive I always will be able to eat enough, even if I get way, way more active while using my top satiating diet.
It’s possible carbs are your solution but only if you are a bit like me (carbs make me hungry and I can afford a bigger amount and staying in ketosis, apparently) and not like me (I need extreme low-carb most of the time to feel just right - but I am nowhere as active as you, you probably can handle a bit more than your current amount, you stay is ketosis and eat more… it’s just not very likely it will help eating much more. but possible). If some vegetables make you hungry, that may be helpful. If they fill you up with their usually pathetic calorie density, that isn’t helpful at all. If fat satiates you too much, no matter the kind of fat, that’s problematic, I would play with more meals or something then. Added fat doesn’t satiate me, it seems so it’s a good way for me to raise calories, I very easily overeat that way. But it seems it’s very satiating for the majority…
While fatty meat is very satiating for me, I probably always could eat enough from my favorites… Or if I had more meals.
Every person is a bit different, I can’t know what would work for you, I surely would experiment with various food, timings, number of meals. Add fat to things unless you are very sure it just satiates you too well. I would still try…

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I’m reading this after just having had a few big fat spoons of PB and a nice chunk of cheddar cheese :slightly_smiling_face: Not that I really needed it. Just sounded good. And it was :slightly_smiling_face:


The problem seems to be your expectations? It’s probably mostly water weight.

When one goes into ketosis, the body releases stored glycogen. That glycogen has water bound it, which also gets released. So, quick weight loss.

Many complaints I see on the Reddit group are, “Why did I do so well early on and then plateau!?”

Same reason. Water weight lost quickly. After that, it takes time to lose (or gain) a pound of fat (or muscle).

Being in ketosis is no guarantee of weight loss. There are those that specifically target weight (i.e. muscle) gain while on keto.

But, as always, YMMV.

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Yes I have had/am having the same issue.

The reason I started keto was not to lose weight but to stop imminent diabetes. However, I lost an astonishing 26 lbs in 2 months, and dropped my pants waist size by 2 inches. I am not 30 lbs below my pre-keto days and appear to have stabilized at this weight. I have never been a big guy but my higher gut was definitely getting bigger and a strong indicator of fatty liver.

My wife says I am now too skinny, however, I feel great, my mental faculties are better than I ever recall and I do not suffer from being hungry and I just feel more healthy. I also just eat when I want, which is typically 1.5 times a day.

My first question is why do you feel you have lost too much weight, particularly if you are feeling well? What is your definition of slimmed down too much? I believe our general societal perception of body image is over-inflated due to the past 50 years of ever increasing obesity. If you look at average people back around the turn of the century they all look kind of underweight, but that was probably more normal.

If you feel good and are not suffering from a acute or chronic illness and are not malnourished you may want to listen to your body and accept the weight it stabilizes at?

If you really feel you must increase body weight have you though of resistance training, with increased meat and fat intake to increase lean muscle mass, which will increase your weight?

Alternatively or in addition, try eating more animal and good plant based fats (avocado, coconut etc). While not the greatest for good fats, nuts are a good source of protein and fat, without a heavy carb hit that can help you increase weight without the detriment of going out of ketosis (if this is something you consider to be desirable).

PS eating a lot of cheeses also helps me maintain weight, if dairy is not a problem for you.



Ehh, no. That’s pretty dumb actually

… what will not help if you are full 2 1/2 times faster. And your math is not even correct…


I am doing that all the time :joy::joy:
And it is awesome, especially this combination. I’d recommend some Lindt 85 or 90% cacao chocolate. Absolute fantastic but still not enough for me I am afraid… :sunglasses:


Do you seriously think I would not know that the body loses a certain amount of water, my dear sparetime scientist? I cannot remember to have asked how ketosis works mate


Hi Ian,

Thanks a lot, yours was by far the most helpful comment so far, I really appreciate it.

I am not malnourished (thanks to the veggies) at all and I do feel great both mentally and physically. Wake up early, not tired in the afternoon, tired at bedtime and sleep really well.
But I see myself in the mirror, there are people asking if I am alright, my wife says (daily) that I lost too much weight. And believe me I did not start Keto with the intention to lose weight, it’s just that I know I feel better on Keto when I am off. If that makes sense.
You are probably right, I should eat more nuts and more cheese throughout the day.
I liked your idea of finding out where and how the body weight stabilises. I had thought of that too. There will be a point of balance somewhere.

Thanks again, great comment