No dairy on keto?

(Scott) #21

I started listening to Keto Naturopath with Dr. Karl Goldcamp because I am bored when I run and 2KD is on pause. He will go on and on about dairy being the root of all evil. For him he has dairy issues bad so he has a legit beef. Me, other than lactose I have no dairy issues that I am aware of. I add a small amount of HWC to my scrambled eggs because I like the texture. I have reduced cheeses just to see what happens. I am just starting to go more carnivore but keep hitting obstacles. My wife likes plates to look attractive and that means color but when I opt not to eat she points out that wine isn’t vary canovore, she has a point.

(John Coyle) #22

If the focus is purely weight loss, rather than inflammation, then I would also look at whether your body is in a calorie deficit or not. It may be easier to control your caloric intake by removing cheeses and other dairy however you may still be able to achieve a drop by continuing with them in your diet.


It’s water soaks in nuts.


Almond milk (Califia) unsweetened next to a cup of coffee black… 5 ounces.
Bliss, … like dessert. You get used to no sweetness, it is tasty and so rich!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #25

I have no problem with dairy - at least high fat/protein low/no carb types. I eat many different cheeses, ghee, whey and casein powders and whipping and double creams daily. I’m not lactose intolerant but don’t consume anything with more than incidental amounts.

(Roxie) #26

I had to finally give up dairy. I have easier BM’s now and the craving finally went away. Matt DeLauer recommends got cheese. He says it has health MCT’s. It is not as joyfull as a hunk of colby but it is healthy protein.

(Wendy) #27

Check out Primo Taglio Goat cheese! Its Great!!! You would never know its goat cheese. Alot like cream cheese.

(Wendy) #28

I can not do Dairy! Bad for my stomach. I have tryed everything. Tryed the Almond unsweetened coffee creamer. 0 carbs 0 sugars. But have been feeling bad for a few days and finally figured out that’s something that was new. So guess back to black coffee agian.
I will continue my search…

(Jane Srygley) #29

I’m a cheese freak and trying to do goat cheese and yogurt. It feels better when I eat it, if that makes sense.

Almond milk has oxalates so I use coconut milk–the watered down, low calorie version, not the kind that comes in a can. Macadamia milk is also low oxalate but it has PUFA’s so I prefer coconut milk. 1g per cup of all saturated fat.

(Wendy) #30

Sometimes the MTC causes stomach upset. Specially first thing in the am. I was raised on goat milk. I couldn’t digest cows milk. Both my boys were the same. Although now as adults they consume regular dairy. With no problems. I wish someone would make a goat milk creamer. Something I may have to look into making myself.

(Jane Srygley) #31

I have a local goat farm! I wonder if the cream rises to the top in raw goat’s milk… There is goat whey!

(Debra J griffith) #32

Same here. Drop cheeses and lbs start dropping too. I was/am a cheese addict!

(Susan) #33

What about something like this from Amazon that is dairy free but has a Vanilla flavour?

(Wendy) #34

You know I will ask my mom. She was the goat Milker. She would strain the milk after milking. She should know. I know its alittle different. Its already pasteurized.

(Wendy) #35

Yep happend with my experiences.

(Teb Tengri) #36

Thankfully HWC doesn’t bother me. I’ll chug that or eat spoonfuls of sour cream towards the end of my feeding window if I’m short on calories and not hungry

(Wendy) #37

Lucky! I could chug a carton of HWC but would pay the price that night. Love the stuff. Funny you always Love what you cant have!!!

(Kirk Wolak) #38

This is why I wrote this: The Levers of Power (What to Measure, What to Control) to avoid stalling/stalls

I am blown away at Stress (I crashed a live database system recently, and popped 25pts on my glucose)! Cortisol -> Glucose (Flight/Fight) Response! then intense HUNGER!

Yes, dairy can be a problem. As can PORK (Both fat and lean/meat).

Every Body Is different. When in doubt narrow your food choices for a week or so. Although I’ve seen it take 1-2 weeks to properly detox from some stuff…

Good luck and keep us posted!

(Kirk Wolak) #39

Many people have issues with Egg Whites. (My theory is the use of eggs in vaccines, but just a theory).

I am personally allergic to egg whites!

(Allie) #40

@Wendysue1960 have you tried using MCT oil powder or emulsified MCT oil as a coffee creamer?