No dairy on keto?

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Hi everyone just thought I would post this question here, my loss has not been very fast and I spoke to my esthetician today who is also a nutritionist and has studied keto. Apparently she has told me the dairy can cause inflammation, and if you do a keto style diet / way of eating, once you cut the dairy there will be faster results. Has anybody experienced this? In 2011 I tried ideal protein, which is no fruit no bread no dairy. From August to December I dropped 60 lb. I’m thinking I will try to drop the dairy and see what happens, and since I’ve already been following the keto plan for more than 6 weeks, dropping dairy won’t be that traumatic. What are your thoughts?


n = 1. Drop the dairy. Go for it Terri. Let us know what you find.

What is an esthetician? Has it something to do with aesthetics? Is an equivalency, a manscaper?

That keto build up is a great help. Others may find ‘drop the dairy’ easy to say, but the opposite to do.

The curve ball is, if a person is addicted to the morphine-like substances in it. Then, dairy is an addiction causing drug, rather than a food.

Stage step out of it. Dairy has a lot of things in it. First dump the milk. But keep the cream for awhile. Clarify the cream. The last to go is usually butter then to ghee. Then step out dairy free.

I love this picture of “dairy foods”. It is from an educational institution. I love it because it has an egg in it. :rofl:

If one says, “I could never give up cheese,” take the photo on the last word and look over there at the people who said, “I can’t give up bread, or pizza.” Look at them. Look at them through the long night of denial until the understanding dawn.

The March of the Carnivores!

Apparently a lot of people grow increasingly lactose intolerant as they age. A lot of IBS is based on this.

When I was a kid, if you wanted a snack, there were always a variety of cheeses in the fridge and a bowl of fruit on the counter. All my life I loved cheese, all varieties.

In my 60s, I became increasingly intolerant to it, it started causing major intestinal upsets. Took me a while to catch on. Some research revealed that I might be able to eat hard cheeses and sheep and goat cheeses, and this proved to be the case. Very sharp cheddar, the kind that crumbles, also works. Thing is, most of these cheeses are a flavor burst, and have to be used more as a condiment than a food. I have adjusted, I still have the occasional butter, sweet cream or Brie, but in smaller amounts and not often, and this works for me.

So, cheese doesn’t feature prominently in my diet anymore, meat and veggies do. But, it still has a presence as a flavor and texture enhancer. I never thought I could give up melting cheese over almost every type of food, but it was actually easy on Keto. Another way Keto has helped me to maintain good health.

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Lots of people do better without dairy. All of Leanne Vogel’s recipes are keto dairy free.

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Hi Terri
For me and my personal experience. When I started keto last april. I was doing everything right. But the scale wasnt budging. And that’s when I found this forum. And found a thread about dairy. For me, cutting dairy finally made the scale move! I truly miss HWC in my coffee but I am totally dairy intolerant. Cheese dosnt seem to be a problem, but in small doses. So guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try for a while and see what happens.


As it’s not too drastic for you, it sounds a good idea to drop dairy or at least, lactose. It does cause problems for many people.
I don’t give up dairy but I like to keep my lactose consumption very low. I mostly eat a little amount of cheese, usually lactose free, that never caused any problem.
Whenever problems I have diet wise, that’s usually about net carbs. Lactose is sugar, it easily can mess with me so I am very careful with it, just like many other people.

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Good to know thank you so much! I can’t believe all the support that is so readily available on this forum. You know most people I’ve spoken to, if they eat too much cheese it usually makes them irregular. For me it’s the complete opposite and I’m wondering now if perhaps that’s a signal of the effect it has on my body? I’ve already packaged up my Camembert and put it in the freezer, and I remember prior to changing my way of eating, I would get so excited about sitting down to my favourite TV show with bubbly and Camembert! Now I don’t even miss it, I never thought that would be possible. As much as I love wine, I don’t even miss it anymore. And if I do feel like having a glass, the thought of being knocked out of ketosis stops me. as well as we are now in the month of March, and summer so close to being around the corner… I’ll be SO excited to finally get back into “onederland”…

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Wait are eggs part of dairy? I’ve cut out dairy but not the eggs. Wondering if I should as well

(Allie) #9

Dairy is milk.

Eggs are not dairy.

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Heavy cream deserves to be it’s own food group. It’s the only dairy item I sti buy at the grocery store.

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Dairy contains protein, fats, and carb.

Some people are sensitive to one or more of these. Lactose (sugar) intolerance is relatively common. Sensitivities to dairy protein also seem to be common, and elimination diets for immune issues tend to remove it for that reason.

I’ve never heard of sensitivities to dairy fat, but you could test it in isolation by eating ghee / clarified butter. Even Whole30 permits ghee, and it’s widely viewed as benign from the immune standpoint. However, if you have a high level of sensitivity to dairy proteins, you might be susceptible to trace amounts left over in ghee.

(Gregory - You can teach an old dog new tricks.) #12

No dairy on keto?

If one has problems with dairy, I wouldn’t suspect a Keto way of eating would make any difference.

Otherwise, an elimination approach is the best way to sort things out.


Different people, different results… BUT in almost every quick fat loss / cutting diet dairy is usually always first to go. There’s definitely something there.

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For me I was keto animal foods for about 1.5 yrs. Then I cut dairy when I went carnivore (zero carb) (again) last month and that made a big difference on my inflammation. I had this pesky toe / finger arthritis. Without my daily heavy cream that arthritis went away and I lost inches in regards to clothing fit changes. I don’t know about weight because I don’t track that.

I was surprised that this shift made a big difference. I’m mostly intrigued to see the mental health improvement. Haven’t had a migraine in the last month. Before cutting it out I wouldn’t have said that I was sensitive to dairy but now I see a difference.

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Well all these responses are so interesting!!!

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Well apart from dropping milk ( the lactose / sugar content ) I’m a big dairy ( and meat )consumer. It doesn’t appear to do anything to me. I consume vast amounts of cheese of all descriptions ( and also whey powder as I am also doing bodybuilding ). Im almost 70, and in, according to my doc, great shape with perfect blood work. From what I understand different groups react differently to dairy depending on their original ancestral location. Mine was from North Europe/ North Russia, so I would imagine were much more carnivore based than say someone from a tropical fruit / plant area. The probable truth is that if dairy causes no problems to someone then its fine, everyone is different.

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Hi Tony
Unfortunately I was raised on goat milk. As a baby my parents got goats because I was unable to digest cow milk. Both my boys are the same. One was raised on goat milk and the other was raised on soy. Due to our move and the unavailability of goat milk in the area. Although they consume dairy now as adults with no problem. My ancestry came back 80% European, 15% Norwegian, and 5% other. Was interesting, because I am a female I was unable to get my father’s side. My brother will have to someday decide to do a test in order for me to get the whole story. I did the Nat Geo, and I do consume cheese, in smaller portions, with no problems.

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Is almond milk considered dairy


(Wendy) #19

Almond milk is a safe option for people with food allergies or intolerances. Almond milk doesn’t contain any dairy, lactose, soy eggs,cholesterol, gluten, MSG, casein or whey (milk proteins). Although if you have a nut allergy that’s different. When you purchase Almond milk, ck the ingredients for sugars. Get the unsweetened.

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Perfect!!! Thk u