No Cheats

(Jake P) #1

I realized today that I have been Keto for 52 days. I have had zero cheat days or meals.

Over the weekend, I had a large breakfast with my kids. I had copious amounts of bacon and eggs. That evening I make my first Fathead pizza. I certainly went over my calories, but I mostly use that as a guide and not a hard and fast rule. That’s as close to cheating I have come to.

As I look through my nutrition logs, The highest day carb wise was 32. Most of that came from nuts.

My birthday is coming up in February, and I had the idea when I started that I would take a cheat day and get an extra large double pepperoni double pineapple pizza from a local shop that makes great pizza. I really don’t want to do that anymore. I think instead, I will treat myself to some steaks from Costco.

(Jeff) #2

Well done. Staying on Keto has gotten easier with time. Though, I haven’t cheated since I began in the middle of August. It’s the only healthy WOE that is sustainable, that I can think of.

Wishing you continued success!

(Jacquie) #3

That’s super! Love your idea of steak for your birthday! Yum! :slight_smile:

(Jake P) #4

Like two or three steaks…

(Jacquie) #5

Yes! I didn’t specify how much 'cause it’s your birthday and you get to decide that! :grin:

(Kara) #6

Awesome! My birthday was 2 months after I started keto and I cheated by eating a single skinny French fry off my mom’s plate at lunch. Isn’t it great not to be tempted to cheat?

(Guardian of the bacon) #7

It’s amazing how our tastes and priorities change over time once we break free from sugar addiction.

I used to love all things carbage. The sweeter the better. Now similar to you I consider a dietary treat to be shrimp, crab legs and lobster alongside a nice ribeye.


The best birthday present you can give yourself is good keto food. Cheating would just make you feel bad which you don’t want for your birthday.

(Stephanie Hanson) #9

Slathered in garlic butter!!!


(Scott Shillady) #11

Great job I just realized that is has been 90 days of no cheats for me. Went to a wedding and I was really BAAAAD. Since then I may have gone over carb limit a couple of times with peanuts. Whenever I feel the need to TREAT myself I do it with triple cream BRIE or a good Ribeye KCKO

(Stephanie Pratt) #12

Make it Fathead style minus the pineapple!! YUMMO!


That’s great! My birthday is coming up in February also…was thinking of camping for a couple days…and have hubby bring some steaks!

(mwall) #14

Oh myyyyyy would you likely regret that!!! Sweet and carby opposite of your great progress! :yellow_heart: Just sub out and refuse to compromise since you already have proof you can.

(mwall) #15

So funny how I stopped reading at “double pineapple” and didn’t catch the “steaks from Costco” instead until after my panic attack. :laughing:

(Jake P) #16

Steaks and brisket trump anything for me. Though this pizza parlor truly does make a great pie and it is a worthy temptation for an occasional “cheat” especially to share with my kids for a movie night or something. Right now I am ok, and so far I don’t want to cheat, so I won’t.

I am trying to count calories, I seems to have better results when I track. On keto a cheat for me has been going over my calories for something super good, but still keto, like sugar free pudding make with heavy cream. Or eating a whole fathead pizza.